‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ drops second teaser, highlights Go Ara, Lee Jae-wook’s odd relationship

Upcoming romantic-comedy series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol has dropped another teaser, and this time, more laughter and fun are rolled out in the 30-second video.

The new musical series from KBS2 follows the enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky pianist Goo Ra-ra whose family goes bankrupt, forcing them to move to a small village in the countryside. In the village’s small private piano academy called La La Land, she meets the free-spirited part-timer Sun Woo-joon.

Go Ara is set to portray Goo Ra-ra, a character who will take on new challenges in life while adapting to her new environment. Meanwhile, Lee Jae-wook suits up as Sun Woo-joon. He is a bit snobbish, does not care about other people’s opinions, and is quite mysterious.

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The teaser opens to Sun Woo-joon riding a bike in the quietness of the night, with Goo Ra-ra clinging on to him from behind. She says in the background, “Just cry if you’re sad. You need to cry it out to move on,” as if consoling Woo-joon and telling him to let his emotions out. The next clips then show her crying everywhere, which annoys Woo-joon so he says, “This is seriously disgusting.”

The next scene then cuts to Ra-ra in a car accident, which explains the previous clip where she was seen wearing a hospital gown and a neck brace, crying. Because of this, she is forced to borrow money from Woo-joon, “Lend me some money.”

The next few scenes then show the viewers Ra-ra’s eating lifestyle. When Woo-joon goes to pay Ra-ra’s hospital bills, he is welcomed with a large amount. “How much did you say?” he asks, and the hospital staff answers, “3.2 million won.” A shocked Woo-joon is then reassured by a smiling Ra-ra, “I will repay you later,” as Woo-jon continues to take care of her during her hospital stay. The words, “My lovely debtor,” then flash on the screen.

Taken aback by Ra-ra’s shameless attitude, he tells her, “For someone who had to borrow money, you sure are shameless.” The next scenes then show Ra-ra adjusting to her new place in the countryside and how she struggles to find a job to support her living. “Not having money is really something scary,” she tells Woo-joon. She strikes a cute pose in front of him and says, “So, keep on lending me money.” The teaser ends with a confused Woo-joon staring back at her.

The first teaser raised the anticipation for Go Ara and Lee Jae-wook’s chemistry and has attracted the audience’s attention for its comedic take on what first seemed like a romantic date. This time, the short video showed the offbeat and lively romance that is about to blossom between Ra-ra and Woo-joon, further amping up the excitement. Both promos show how Ra-ra can make any room light up with her smile, while Woo-joon remains a mystery with his cold and dark aura. However, it’s the dynamic meeting of these two people with polar opposite personalities that is expected to make the drama much more enjoyable to watch.

The new teaser also had pleasant feedback from the viewers such as, “I laughed from the beginning,” “I am [getting] excited just by [watching the teaser], and “Their [chemistry] is fresh and youthful.”

Lee Jae-wook caught the attention of viewers with his character in Extraordinary You (2019), where he starred alongside actress Kim Hye-yoon. Along with the teen drama, he also appeared in other popular series such as Memories of the Alhambra (2018–2019), Search: WWW (2019), and just recently, When the Weather Is Fine (2020).

Meanwhile, Go Ara has appeared in many dramas in the past such as Reply 1994 and Reply 1988 (2013, 2015–2016), Hwarang (2016–2017), Black (2017), and the latest, Haechi (2019). She also made a cameo appearance in Hospital Playlist (2020).

Other characters in the drama will be played by actors Kim Joo-hun (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay), Ye Ji-won (Dinner Mate), Shin Eun-soo (Bad Papa), Lee Soon-jae (Pegasus Market), Seo Yi-sook (The World of the Married), Moon Hee-kyung (Hospital Playlist), Moon Tae-yoo (Hospital Playlist), Song Min-jae (Once Again), Lee Sun-hee (When the Weather Is Fine), and Park Sung-yeon (Arthdal Chronicles).

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is spearheaded by director Kim Min-kyung of Matrimonial Chaos (2018) and writer Oh Ji-young of My Secret, Terrius (2018). It will air on KBS2 beginning August 26 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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