‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ drops quirky, funny teaser featuring lead stars Lee Jae-wook, Go Ara

KBS2’s newest drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol has dropped its first teaser, giving viewers a glimpse of the quirky, funny onscreen couple.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, which will first air on August 26, is a music, romantic-comedy series about the bubbly and energetic pianist Goo Ra-ra (Go Ara), whose family went bankrupt and is forced to move to the countryside, and the free-spirited part-timer Sun Woo-joon (Lee Jae-wook), who does not care about what other people think. They meet at a small private piano academy, La La Land, in a small village.

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Originally tweeted by KBS 한국방송 (@MyloveKBS) on July 29, 2020.

The 40-second teaser opens up to a close-up shot of a glass of iced tea that a man, who seems to be Sun Woo-joon, is sipping through a straw. The camera then shifts to the background, where he is seen sitting at an empty table, alone. He puts down the glass and starts tapping the surface of the table, as if to show that he is patiently waiting for someone. Subsequent cuts in the teaser show a few more details, such as his shoes under the table, a woman walking up the stairs, a hand lightly tapping the railings, and some features of both their faces and bodies.

While the scene slowly unveils the identities of the characters and the viewers lie await in suspense, a calm, soothing piano music plays in the background. The music continues as the woman nears, and when she knocks on the table in front of him, the music suddenly stops. She gets his attention, and Woo-joon looks up to see a woman standing in front of him, who is revealed to be Goo Ra-ra.

She smiles and shyly asks Woo-joon, “Why did you wait for me?” As her eyes shine brightly while gazing at him and Woo-jon stares back at her with a serious face, the romantic tension starts to build up. It suddenly breaks when Woo-jon smirks and says, “To get my money.”

Caught off guard, Ra-ra’s eyes widen, as if to ask Woo-joon if she had heard him right. Despite his somewhat unpredictable answer, she kept her unassuming smile on. Upon sensing her confusion, Woo-joon lifts his hand to make a “money” sign and repeats his answer. “Money,” he emphasizes. Ra-ra’s smile then slightly turns into an awkward expression, as she asks him out of embarrassment, “What?”

The video ends with “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. First broadcast on August 26 at 9:30 p.m.,” as the camera angle pans up towards the sky.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol‘s teaser has given a sneak peek of the unpredictable but fun story it has in store for its audience, making them anticipate the upcoming rom-com series more and more. The production team said, “The pleasant but quirky encounter of the two lead characters in the teaser is a first glimpse towards the comedic and romantic vibe that the series will provide throughout the show.”

Other characters of the series will be played by Kim Joo-hun (It’s Okay to Not Be Okay), Ye Ji-won (Dinner Mate), Shin Eun-soo (Bad Papa), Lee Soon-jae (Pegasus Market), Seo Yi-sook (The World of the Married), Moon Hee-kyung (Hospital Playlist), Moon Tae-yoo (Hospital Playlist), Song Min-jae (Once Again), Lee Sun-hee (When the Weather Is Fine), and Park Sung-yeon (Arthdal Chronicles).

Lee Jae-wook rose to popularity with his role in the hit series Extraordinary You (2019), where he played Baek Kyung and acted alongside actress Kim Hye-yoon. He has also appeared in other popular series such as Memories of the Alhambra (2018–2019), Search: WWW (2019), and When the Weather Is Fine (2020).

Meanwhile, Go Ara has appeared in numerous movies and series in the past, including Reply 1994 (2013), Hwarang (2016–2017), Black (2017), Reply 1988 (2015–2016), and Haechi (2019). She also made a cameo appearance in Hospital Playlist, which aired this year.

The production of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is spearheaded by director Kim Min-kyung of Drama Special Season 7: Noodle Shop Woman (2016), Drama Special Season 8: Bad Families (2017), and Matrimonial Chaos (2018) and writer Oh Ji-young of Shopaholic Louis (2016) and My Secret, Terrius (2018).

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