Demon hunters wreak havoc in OCN’s upcoming fantasy drama

OCN’s upcoming drama The Uncanny Counter has dropped an action-packed main trailer!

The Uncanny Counter tells the story of a group of demon hunters called Counters. They are people with special powers who disguise themselves as workers at a noodle restaurant. Combining the themes of food and superhero powers, the drama will present an exciting story. Jo Byung-gyu (Stove League) stars as So Moon, a high school student who walks with a limp, whose power is actually physical strength. Then there is Kim Se-jeong (also or Sejeong, I Wanna Hear Your Song) as Do Ha-na, who has the ability to sense evil spirits and access people’s memories through touch.

Among the older members of the group are Yoo Jun-sang (Graceful Friends) as Go Mo-tak, an ex-police officer, the toughest of the bunch despite losing his memory in an accident. Yeom Hye-ran (Mystic Pop-up Bar) plays Choo Mae-ok, the chef of the restaurant and the center of the group. Lastly, Ahn Suk-wan (My Wonderful Life) plays Choi Jang-moo, who is the first-ever Counter and now manages the group as well as the restaurant.

The 15-second trailer begins with Sejeong, Yoo Jun-sang, and Yeom Hye-ran opening the noodle restaurant. In the next scene, a puzzled-looking, curly-haired Jo Byung-gyu asks, “Are you going to catch that devil?” Several figures clad in red tracksuits are seen performing thrilling stunts and catching troublemakers. Sejeong jumps off a roof, and Yoo Jun-sang is seen beating up a group of people and asking Jo Byung-gyu, “Can you do this?” This is followed by Jo muttering a prayer while in bed while his chest glows a bright red. The action scenes continue, this time also including Jo Byung-gyu and Yeom Hye-ran.

Stills for Yoo Jun-sang and Jo Byung-gyu were also revealed. The two actors are expected to showcase a hilarious bromance in the show, which the still images convey very well. In the first still, both actors are seen looking over a wall, as if spying on someone, their faces in identical expressions of surprise. The next few stills show them practicing to fight, and at one point, Yoo has Jo ensnared in a brutal headlock.

Yoo Jun-sang and Jo Byung-gyu in The Uncanny Counter

Based on a Daum webtoon of the same name, The Uncanny Counter will premiere on November 28. It has been directed by Yoo Seon-dong, who is behind the 2019 horror movie 0.0 MHz. It will replace Jang Dong-yoon and Jung Soo-jung’s Search.

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