‘Deliver Us from Evil’ surpasses 2M viewership on fifth day, tops local box office

Director Hong Won-chan’s Deliver Us from Evil has exceeded 2 million viewers on its fifth day of release.

The action thriller film follows a hit man on his final mission before he finally retires. He gets linked to a kidnapping case in Thailand and finds himself constantly pursued by a contract killer, whose sibling he assassinated, on a revenge spree. It stars Hwang Jung-min (The Spy Gone North), Lee Jung-jae (Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days), and Park Jung-min (Time to Hunt).

Deliver Us From Evil has been no. 1 in the box office for five days in a row since its opening last August 5, with 505,490 admissions on its fifth day. The total admissions for the film is currently at 2,250,040, and it has grossed over 17,798,923,240 KRW for its 2-million admission, according to August 10 reports.

The film saw a major boost in moviegoers within its first five days, surpassing 1 million on the fourth day and 2 million on the fifth, making it the current top local box-office film in the country despite the health crisis.

Steel Rain 2: Summit took 2nd place with 74,036 people on August 10, making its running total audience 1,542,394. Peninsula ranked 3rd with 34,116 admissions during the same date, with a total admission of 3,693,324. Other films in the top 10 include Animal Crackers with a total of 77,023 admissions, Aladdin (re-release) with 12,710,454, Big Shark 3: Jelly Monster with 67,396, Beauty and the Beast (re-release) with 5,152,436, You As a Boy with 65,390, Onward with 414,699, and Bombshell with 177,827, as per August 10 news data.

Deliver Us from Evil also marks Lee Jung-jae and Park Jung-min’s reunion, following their roles in the 2019 film Svaha: The Sixth Finger.

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