“Defendant” surpasses 25 % in viewer ratings

SBS drama Defendant surpassed its own record again by gaining a nationwide viewer ratings of 25.6 %, a number that makes it the most watched weekday prime time drama in South Korea these days.

ratings chart of Korean drama Defendant

The rating of the latest episode of the drama, episode 15, is higher by 0.7 percentage point than the previous one. It solidifies the continued success of SBS whose previous drama airing on the same time slot, Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, achieved a peak and average rating of 27.6 and 20.4 %, respectively. Defendant can potentially attain an equal or even a more impressive record, considering that the average ratings of its fifteen episodes that have aired so far is 20.6 %.

The drama stars Ji Sung (Entertainer) as a righteous prosecutor who is accused of killing his wife and daughter. It provides a narrative of the events surrounding his struggle to fight against those who framed him and prove his innocence. The fight is not easy though; he has to fight from behind the prison bars and carries the burden of having lost four months of his memory, including the time when the murder incident happened.

Defendant airs every Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 pm Korean Standard Time on SBS. It will be followed by Whisper, another legal drama starring Lee Bo-young, the real life wife of Ji Sung.


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