Dancing ballerina in first poster from new drama starring L, Shin Hye-sun

KBS2’s upcoming fantasy rom-com Dan, Only Love released its first poster on April 8. The show, also known as One and Only Love, stars L (also known as Kim Myung-soo) and Shin Hye-sun but instead of the lead actors, a ballerina in action is taking center stage in the latest promo.

Dan Only Love Poster 1

The poster is in a soothing pink tone overall, with sparse accents of white. A ballerina with only her legs shown stands fully en pointe in the middle with pink and white feathers flanking her. The minimalist poster does a pretty good job of capturing the show’s main elements—an angel and a ballerina’s love story—as well as its mood, which is expected to be bright and poetic.

Dan, Only Love is set in the competitive world of professional ballet. Shin Hye-sun (Thirty But Seventeen) plays a cold-hearted and focused ballerina who doesn’t hold a very good opinion on love while L portrays a mischievous and clumsy angel who has to complete a mission involving the ballerina if he is to return to heaven. The two get swept up in an unexpected and whimsical turn of events when he is tasked with finding true love for the ballerina but ends up falling for her.

The show’s additional cast includes Lee Dong-gun (Where Stars Land) as the talented art director of the ballet company of Shin’s character, Do Ji-won (Bravo My Life) as the company’s leader, and Kim Bo-mi (Man to Man) as the female protagonist’s rival.

Dan, Only love is penned by Choi Yoon-kyo, who previously worked on Lucky Romance, and directed by PD Lee Jung-seob, who is best known for hit dramas like Healer and Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho. It will take over KBS2’s Wednesday-Thursday time slot following the conclusion of Namgoong Min starrer Doctor Prisoner in May.

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