‘Dan, Only Love’ releases character posters of L, Shin Hye-sun, other cast members

KBS2’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama Dan, Only Love released character posters on April 29 featuring L, Shin Hye-sun, and other cast members of the drama. The new series is about an angel tasked with finding the true love of a ballerina and ends up the one who falls for her.

In her poster, Shin Hye-sun’s (Thirty But Seventeen) character, a professional ballerina named Lee Yeon-seo, dances and moves like a white swan as she shows off her impressive body figure. She is described as someone who has lost her belief in love, as evident in her facial expression and poster that reads, “I do not believe in anyone, because no one loves me.”

L (Miss Hammurabi) plays Dan, the angel who accepts a mission so that he could return to heaven. In his poster, he wears a white attire which reflects his pure and playful character. His poster says, “Even if the world is upside down, I’ll make sure to give you love.”

The next poster shows Lee Dong-gun (Where Stars Land), who plays the strict and charismatic artistic director, Ji Kang-woo. His cold personality is evident in his gaze. When it comes to love, he is somewhat similar to Shin’s character as his poster reads, “Love, I don’t intend to have that. I don’t believe in anyone.”

Dan Only Love Poster 4

Kim Bo-mi (My Husband Oh Jak Doo) portrays the character of Geum Ni-na, another ballerina whose poster contrasts with that of Shin Hye-sun’s. The two are rivals, and there is an intense feeling of jealousy within Ni-na. She looks defiant and says through her poster, “Just one person, only one person. I’ll dance for just that person.”

There are also posters for supporting actors Do Ji-won (Bravo My Life) and Kim In-kwon (Criminal Minds). Do’s poster reads, “What are you all doing? Don’t go back to how you were before at any cost!” Meanwhile, Kim, who is playing Dan’s senior, says through his poster, “Do not meddle with peoples’ affairs! Amen!”

Dan, Only Love (also known as Angel’s Last Mission: Love) will premiere on May 15.

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