Chun Woo-hee, Kim Joo-hyuk to work together in new tvN drama “Argon”

Actors Chun Woo-hee (Vampire Idol) and Kim Joo-hyuk (Reply 1988) were confirmed to work together in the new tvN drama called Argon, which will be directed by Cheese in the Trap director Lee Yoon-jung.

Kim Joo-hyuk will play Kim Baek-jin while Chun Woo-hee will play her first lead role in the small screen named Lee Yeon-hwa. The story of the new tvN drama will center on an investigative news program called “Argon,” which is the same as the tentative title of the drama. It will be about reporters who want to continue giving people the true news despite the fake news being disseminated by others.

Chun Woo-hee and Kim Joo-hyuk to star in Argon

Kim Joo-hyuk’s character will serve as the leader of the news program. He is described as a passionate reporter and news anchor who wants to unveil the truth. He also values facts and would not allow any kind of mistake regarding the information about news reports they deliver because he thinks honest reporting is important.

For Chun Woo-hee’s character, it is described as a reporter who is under a short-term contract. She is assigned to the “Argon” program before her contract expires and meets Kim Baek-jin. She fights to become an official reporter after Kim Baek-jin helps her grow in her career.

In a recent interview with Kim Joo-hyuk, the actor said he thinks the role of a truthful reporter is more important now than it was before so his character resonated with him. He added, “As an actor, it’s thrilling to come across a new and meaningful character. I will do my best to convey that same feeling to our viewers.”

Chun Woo-hee also said in an interview that she liked the drama because of the script. She commended the script as it portrays the characters and the situations in a realistic manner. She also described her role as interesting because Lee Yeon-hwa is an “autonomous, enduring and growing character.” The actress also promised she will do her best to show sincerity since the drama deals with reporters.

Argon will be directed by Lee Yoon-jung, making this her third drama with tvN. She directed Cheese in the Trap, which aired last year, and Heart to Heart in 2015.  Argon will air this September.

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