Choi A-ra arrives in Belle Epoque in “Age of Youth 2” posters

JTBC unveiled today two official posters of its upcoming coming-of-age drama, Age of Youth 2, showing the arrival of the new housemate in Belle Epoque and the reaction of the four ladies living in the house. The new drama is a sequel to last year’s Age of Youth with an original cast composed of Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Park Eun-bin, Ryu Hwa-young, and Park Hye-soo.

In the new season, which is set one year after the first, the original cast members are reprising their roles except for Park Hye-soo and Ryu Hwa-young, who will only appear as a guest. Park Hye-soo was not able to return with the original cast due to scheduling conflicts and is replaced by Ji Woo who is playing the same character, Yoo Eun-jae. Meanwhile, the ladies will be joined by a new housemate played by Choi A-ra, who will be occupying the room vacated by Ryu Hwa-young’s character. In the new Age of Youth 2 posters, Choi A-ra’s character named Jo Eun is seen standing in front of Belle Epoque while her soon-to-be housemates are waiting inside with different facial expressions.

Age of Youth 2 Poster 1

The second poster essentially shows a similar highlight, with Jo Eun about to knock at the door and the four ladies waiting together in excitement. Age of Youth tells the story of five ladies sharing a house called Belle Epoque. The new season will continue the story with a new housemate in Jo Eun, a mysterious “tall girl” whose addition to the house is a major development that will affect the lives of the old housemates. In addition, it will also introduce three male leads played by Ahn Woo-yeon (Circle), Kim Min-seok (Defendant), and Onew (Descendants of the Sun). Onew is playing the love interest of Han Seung-yeon’s character while Kim Min-seok is taking on the role of Belle Epoque’s representative. Many fans are excited as to how the synergy of the cast will turn out in the second season.

Age of Youth 2 Poster 2

JTBC recently released the second teaser of the drama featuring a dance number from the main cast that also introduces the new housemate. Age of Youth 2 is written and directed by writer Park Yeon-sun and PD Lee Tae-gon, the same pair behind the first season which aired from July 22 to August 27, 2016. The drama will premiere on August 25, replacing Woman of Dignity every Fridays and Saturdays.

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