Choi Jin-hyuk, Park Joo-hyun’s new drama ‘The Zombie Detective’ drops first teaser, reveals August premiere

On top of The Zombie Detective’s announcement to hold its premiere on August 31, it also dropped a first look at stars Choi Jin-hyuk and Park Joo-hyun as both transform into the lead characters for the upcoming KBS2 human fantasy series.

The Zombie Detective depicts the supernatural tale of a zombie who got resurrected two years ago and has since taken on the identity of a deceased human named Kim Moo-young (Choi Jin-hyuk, Rugal), CEO of a private investigations firm. Already able to live among ordinary people, he comes across Kong Sun-ji (Park Joo-hyun, Extracurricular), a persistent, passionate, and fair-minded writer for an investigative current affairs program. However, when a witness for the case Sun-ji was working on gets attacked by an unidentified assailant, she becomes disheartened and quits her job. Soon after, she finds herself taking a part-time post at Moo-young’s agency.

The freshly unveiled teaser for the series opens to the view of a white mini truck traversing across the dark night. It stops at an isolated grassland, and two mysterious men wearing protective gears come into the frame. As it happens, someone’s echoic voice says in the background, “If the rumor has spread that much, there has to be a reason.” With bloody hands, they open the back compartment to pull out a heavy metallic drum. Slimy green liquid oozes out of the container as the men begin digging a hole in the ground. Upon a brief glimpse of someone’s lifeless hands on the grass, a blood-splattered phrase that reads, “A mysterious chain of events,” flashes on the screen.

The next scenes show a sluggish person trying to stand on his feet and struggling to light a cigarette as the voice from earlier takes over again and says, “This isn’t all that happened when he came here.” Adding weight to the growing tension, the succeeding caption states, “A man at the center of the cases.” A voice then asks a seemingly frightened Kong Sun-ji, “A few days ago, you’ve met someone you weren’t supposed to, haven’t you?,” and continues to say, “You disturbed it.”

Out of the blue, the setting shifts to the inside of a bus that houses hungry living-deads and ultimately focuses on the zombie-fied Choi Jin-hyuk. He stares right through the camera with a set of terrifying, monstrous eyes. As Sun-ji screams after catching sight of her zombie-face on the mirror, the final message declares, “A dangerous encounter that cannot be reversed.”

The promo video closes with the newly resurrected male zombie uttering, “Can I go back to humanity again?” as he now takes on the identity of Kim Moo-young. Curled inside his cave, Moo-young’s spine-chilling voice whispers the title, “Zombie Detective.”

The Zombie Detective is spearheaded by Shim Jae-hyun, director of The Producers (2015), and penned by Baek Eun-jin, scriptwriter for Ssunday Seoul (2006). It is slated to air every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. KST, replacing Men are Men.

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