Choi Ji-woo, Choi Min-ho cast in ‘The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World’

Actress Choi Ji-woo and SHINee’s Choi Min-ho have been confirmed to take part in the remake of No Hee-kyung’s debut drama, The Most Beautiful Goodbye. The original series was aired on MBC in 1996 and its upcoming remake 21 years after, The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World, will be broadcast at the end of this year with the same length as the original.

Slated to premiere this December, The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World is a four-episode drama about a middle-aged woman who has sacrificed her life for her ungrateful family and one day gets diagnosed with terminal cancer, a condition that brings her children, husband, and mother-in-law together in support of her during the remaining days of her life. Won Mi-kyung (All’s Well With a Happy Home) will be playing the role of the mother who was never appreciated by her family while Kim Young-ok (Dear My Friends) will reprise her role from the original as the mother-in-law suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The latest additions to the cast are Choi Ji-woo and Choi Min-ho who will be playing as daughter and son, respectively, of Won Mi-kyung’s character.

Won Mi-kyung (left) and Kim Young-ok

Choi Ji-woo (Woman With a Suitcase) is expected to bring out an inspiring performance with her natural acting and delicate emotions. Rookie actor Choi Min-ho, meanwhile, is interested in working with veteran actors in the industry and faces the challenge to catch up with his co-stars. He is up to play a troublemaker son who has changed after knowing about his mother’s condition and realizing that he has not enough time to pay her back for everything she has done for him.

The Most Beautiful Goodbye, which aired from December 2-3, 1996 for four episodes, is an award-winning drama that catapulted No Hee-kyung into a renowned screenwriter. Writer No was just a rookie back then but she was able to write a series that won the Grand Prize and Best Drama at the 33rd Baeksang Arts Awards in 1997. It was in August when the news about the remake of her drama was first reported, with MBC as the broadcaster. However, the ongoing strike at the network caused a change in TV station to cable network tvN. This development resulted in her reunion with PD Hong Jong-chan who directed her last drama Dear My Friends.

Cast of The Most Beautiful Goodbye from left: Lee Min-young, Na Moon-hee, Lee Jong-soo, and Joo Hyun.

The Most Beautiful Goodbye in the World will begin its Saturday-Sunday broadcast on December 9 if it will premiere a week after the finale of Revolutionary Love.

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