Cho Yeo-jeong spins murderous tale in new teaser for ‘If You Cheat, You Die’

KBS2’s new comedy thriller If You Cheat, You Die is out with an exciting new teaser featuring leading lady Cho Yeo-jeong!

The upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama tells the unconventional story of crime novelist Kang Yeo-joo, played by Cho Yeo-jeong (Woman of 9.9 Billion). Yeo-joo is a beloved writer and regularly produces best-selling novels, but she is called “Praying Mantis” because she always ends up killing her adulterous male protagonists in gruesome ways. Surprisingly, Yeo-joo is happily married to divorce lawyer Han Woo-sung, played by Go Joon (Oh My Baby). When Yeo-joo begins suspecting her own husband, their marriage devolves into a roller-coaster ride of secrets and lies.

The teasers so far have been as unconventional as the concept of the show, showing Cho in the middle of crafting grisly deaths for her cheating male protagonists. Funnily enough, every death is enacted in the teaser video with Cho as the scorned woman and her actual husband as the adulterer. So far, Cho has buried a man alive, and this time, we see her cycle through various options like a knife, a hammer, and a gun, before finally settling on a massive pair of scissors to kill her husband. Cho looks stunning in a bright red gown as she appears on the scene to kill her husband.

Additionally, individual character posters for the four members of the main cast were revealed. Along with the leading couple, Kim Young-dae (Penthouse) and Yeonwoo (Alice) are seen in brightly colored posters. The four actors hold the same pose of holding their finger to the lips, but their expressions differ—while Cho Yeo-jeong appears fierce, Go Joon looks sheepish, Kim Young-dae looks like he has a few secrets to reveal, while Yeonwoo looks playful.

If You Cheat, You Die character poster

If You Cheat, You Die is directed by Kim Hyung-seok of My Golden Life (2017–2018) and Oh My Venus (2015–2016) fame, while Lee Seong-min, who wrote the two-season Queen of Mystery (2017, 2018), has penned the script. It is set to premiere on December 2.

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