Cheerful “School 2017” posters released by KBS

KBS released today two new posters for its upcoming youth drama School 2017, the seventh installment of its long-running School franchise that started in 1999. The posters were shot at a school in a suburb of Seoul where one of the drama’s filming locations is located.

The first poster shows the main cast along with the supporting characters. Lead actors Kim Se-jeong, Kim Jung-hyun, and Jang Dong-yoon are joined in the poster by their characters’ fellow students played by Seol In-ah, Park Se-wan, Seo Ji-hoon, SF9’s Rowoon, Kim Hee-chan, Ha Seung-ri, Hong Kyung, and Choi Sung-min, and their teachers played by Han Joo-wan and Han Sun-hwa.

School 2017 Poster 3

Meanwhile, the second poster features only the three main characters and their two teachers sitting against a wall. Like in the first poster, they are all smiling and looking happy, depicting a positive atmosphere that was also present on the set according to a source from the drama’s production team. “The energy of the students was too great to even be blocked by the rough weather. The posters accurately depict the bright and youthful atmosphere that was present on set,” the source said.

School 2017 Poster 2

The two School 2017 posters bear a text that reads: “Ups and downs of Geumdo High School Year 2 Class 1, the project for emergency repair of their tangled lives.” School 2017, like the other past installments, will tackle the problems facing the youth today and will tell their stories as they live their lives as high school students. Gugudan’s Kim Se-jeong will play the bright student heroine who has a passion for drawing and a one-sided crush on a college guy. She is living a relatively quiet life until she meets Kim Jung-hyun’s and Jang Dong-yoon’s characters. Kim Jung-hyun plays a delinquent who frequently causes trouble in a school that receives investment fund from his father while Jang Dong-yoon portrays a student body president who is smart and good-looking and possesses a personality liked by the students in his school.

On a  different note, KBS also released today the drama’s third teaser which focuses on the lead female character.

School 2017 will air on July 17, replacing Fight For My Way on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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