Character posters for ‘Temperature of Love’ released

SBS’s new drama Temperature of Love released today posters featuring its four leading cast composed of Seo Hyun-jinYang Se-jong, Kim Jae-wook, and Jo Bo-ah. The upcoming series centers around two people who get together for a short time and break up because their “temperature of love” is not the same and later on meet again, ending up falling in love with each other as they both reach the optimal “temperature of love.”

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim co-stars Seo Hyun-jin is and Yang Se-jong (Duel) are reuniting in the new drama as the main couple. Seo Hyun-jin plays an aspiring screenwriter named Lee Yeon-soo who is persistent in achieving her dreams. She holds a particular belief when it comes to romantic relationships and dismisses the idea of love at first sight. Yang Se-jong, meanwhile, is playing chef Ohn Jung-seon of a Michelin-starred restaurant. He is an honest and warm-hearted young man six years younger than Lee Yeon-soo. The two get to know each other for the first time online and have somehow developed a friendship before going their separate ways.

Temperature of Love Character Poster

Kim Jae-wook (Voice) is portraying Park Jung-woo, a self-made businessman who opened up a restaurant with Ohn Jung-seon. He is cold on the outside but actually has a warm personality deep within. Jo Bo-ah’s (Sweet Stranger and Me) character is named Ji Hong-ah, Lee Yeon-soo’s rival both in career and love.

Temperature of Love is the latest drama from High Society and Doctors writer Ha Myung-hee. The drama is an adaptation of her own novel titled Nice Soup Does Not Answer the Phone. The award-winning screenwriter has teamed up with PD Nam Gun of The Royal Gambler to make a rom-com spin-off of the said novel. Temperature of Love will premiere on September 18, replacing Falsify on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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