Character posters, more stills released for ‘While You Were Sleeping’

SBS’s upcoming While You Were Sleeping spends no time in wasting the remaining 10 days prior to its premiere this coming September 27. Character posters for leads Lee Jong-suk and Bae Suzy are out to do further promotion, and so are more stills featuring the male lead character and his co-workers.

While You Were Sleeping is a supernatural romance series about ordinary woman Nam Jong-hoo who can predict the future and rookie prosecutor Jung Jae-chan who has moved into her neighborhood and becomes entangled with her life. The two individuals will become close with each other, especially after him learning that she can see how people will face unfortunate events through her dreams. She will ask for his help in trying to prevent her premonitions from happening and he will respond favorably after being reluctant at first.

While You Were Sleeping Character Posters

Bae Suzy plays the character of Nam Jong-hoo. In the poster, she looks serious and deep in thought as she gazes at something. Lee Jong-suk, playing the newly appointed prosecutor, is shown in a similar situation while leaning his head back against the table. A caption on his poster reads, “No one will believe…the future I have changed.” This is answered by the quote on Suzy’s: “You’re the only one…I have.” These lines, which are also featured in the main trailer released by SBS earlier this month, hint at Jung Jae-chan’s initial refusal to help Nam Jong-hoo change the future and her continuous trust in him despite their difference in opinion and belief.

Meanwhile, SBS released additional still images featuring Jung Jae-chan’s daily social life as a prosecutor. The images show him with his colleagues in work played by Lee Ki-young, Bae Hye-sun, Min Sung-wook, and Ko Sung-hee. Jae-chan is described as someone lacking in social skills and the bottom image shows him appearing left out by his co-workers as they go together for a lunch. The second and third image from the bottom shows him holding the left arm of Min Sung-wook and being looked at by Sung-wook and Ko Sung-hee. In the remaining two stills on the top, he is seen picking up something from the table while his colleagues are praying and shaking his hands with someone who appears to be Min Sung-wook.

While You Were Sleeping Stills for Lee Jong-suk

Helmed by My Love From The Star PD Oh Choong-hwan and written by I Hear Your Voice screenwriter Park Hye-ryun, While You Were Sleeping will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting next week.

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