Argon Korean Drama

Starting Today: Argon

I’m pretty impressed by how much tvN, known by its complete name as Total Variety Network, values ‘variety’ in its drama lineup. The network’s Monday-Tuesday slot welcomed 2017 with a brand new workplace rom-com called Introverted Boss and went on to accommodate…
Criminal Minds

Starting Today: Criminal Minds

The long wait is over. After over six months since I first heard of this Korean remake of the hit US television series of the same name, Criminal Minds will finally take off today. I hope it’s gonna be a smooth journey throughout, considering…

Starting Today: Falsify

We’re down to the second to the last prime time drama to premiere this July. SBS’s Falsify will start its broadcast tonight, adding a political-legal thriller to the already diverse set of dramas we have seen airing for the first time in past few…