Cast of ‘Stranger 2’ meets for first script reading

The much-anticipated reunion of Stranger cast has finally happened!

The cast members of the first season⁠—Cho Seung-woo (Life), Bae Doo-na (Kingdom 2), Yoon Se-ah (Melting Me Softly), Lee Joon-hyuk (365: Repeat the Year), Park Sung-geun (VIP), and Jeon Bae-soo (The King: Eternal Monarch)⁠—met for the first script-reading session of the upcoming drama Stranger 2.

They were joined by the new cast members—Jeon Hye-jin (Search: WWW), Choi Moo-sung (Arthdal Chronicles), Lee Hae-young (The King: Eternal Monarch), and Kim Young-jae (Hyena). Season 2’s new director Park Hyun-suk, who previously directed Uncontrollably Fond (2016), and writer Lee Soo-yeon were also present. The production has recently released candid stills from the table read.

Stranger, also known as Secret Forest, revolves around prosecutor Hwang Shi-mok, who lost the ability to feel emotions after undergoing brain surgery as a child, and detective Han Yeo-jin, who is righteous and has a warm heart. The two team up to solve a murder case and become friends in the process.

The first season of the show ushered in a new era of South Korean thrillers. It became one of the most critically acclaimed shows of 2017, winning the Daesang (Grand Prize) for TV at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards and being listed among New York Times’s Top 10 Best International TV Shows of 2017. Naturally, the show’s sequel has been one of the most-awaited ones in the K-drama industry.


In the last season, Shi-mok and Yeo-jin worked to eradicate internal corruption among prosecutors and find out the source of their sponsors. This time around, the story will be set amidst power tussles between the prosecutors and the police. The prosecutors, including Choi Moo-sung as an elite prosecutor, will campaign for discretionary powers over police investigations. Concurrently, the police side, including Jeon Hye-jin as the intelligence officer, will seek to get independent authority without interference from the prosecutors.


In the midst of this tension, Shi-mok and Yeo-jin will team up to solve yet another case. Lee Joon-hyuk and Yoon Se-ah will reprise their roles from the first season. Lee plays the gray character Seo Dong-jae, a lawyer who cannot give up the desire for power and success. Yoon’s character Lee Yeon-jae, having lost her husband and father, will take over the family business.

Stranger 2 will be a Saturday-Sunday drama on tvN. It is aiming to premiere in August, after the conclusion of Kim Soo-hyun’s comeback drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

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