BTS fans trend hashtags against use of members’ real names in upcoming drama

Upcoming drama Youth, based on the BTS Universe (BU), has run into trouble with fans of the K-pop group BTS.

Youth will tell the coming-of-age stories of seven boys on a journey of self-discovery and growth. While dealing with personal struggles and growing-up pains, these boys will find solace in each other and follow their dreams together. The drama will use fictional narratives, metaphors, and symbols to tell the stories of these characters that will have the same names as BTS members.

Dubbed ARMY, fans of BTS took to Twitter to express their disapproval against using the artists’ real names in the drama. In no time, the issue was trending on the social media platform. Fans expressed concerns with BTS’s agency Big Hit Entertainment for allowing the use of the members’ real names for a tragic story that includes themes of domestic violence, murder, arson, and drug use, reasoning that this will create confusion between the artists and the characters.

Since BTS is exposed to millions of people around the world due to the extensive coverage they receive in foreign media, fans are concerned that new fans, casual viewers, and the general public are likely to get the wrong idea about BTS members’ backgrounds from the drama. There are also concerns that reporting of malicious comments against the artists will become an issue in the future, since hateful commentators can then fall back on the excuse that they are referring to the drama characters instead of real people. Big Hit Entertainment is yet to comment on the issue.

Youth drama cast members
Youth drama cast members

Last month, Youth announced its cast lineup featuring promising young actors Seo Ji-hoon (Men Are Men), Noh Jung-hyun (Kkondae Intern), Ahn Ji-ho (Nobody Knows), Seo Young-joo (Nobody Knows), and Jeon Jin-seo (The World of the Married), as well as rookie actors Kim Yoon-woo and Jung Woo-jin. The drama is set to air in 2021.

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