BREAKING: ‘The World of the Married’ now the highest-rated cable K-drama in terms of average ratings

The World of the Married scored another success on Friday night as it achieved a nationwide rating of 18.501%, which brings the average rating of its first seven episodes to 13.4%. The series is now the highest-rated Korean drama in cable TV in terms of average ratings.

The World of the Married surpassed the records of Mr. Sunshine (13.0%, 24 episodes) and Goblin (12.9%, 16 episodes) in just seven episodes. SKY Castle (12.5%, 20 episodes) and Reply 1988 (12.4%, 20 episodes) round out the top 5.

The following are the 10 highest-rated cable Korean dramas of all time in terms of average nationwide ratings (as of April 18, 2020):

  1. The World of the Married (JTBC) – 13.4%
  2. Mr. Sunshine (tvN) – 13.0%
  3. Goblin (tvN) – 12.9%
  4. SKY Castle (JTBC) – 12.5%
  5. Reply 1988 (tvN) – 12.4%
  6. Crash Landing on You (tvN) – 12.2%
  7. Itaewon Class (JTBC) – 11.8%
  8. 100 Days My Prince (tvN) – 9.0%
  9. Hotel del Luna (tvN) – 8.9%
  10. Signal (tvN) – 8.8%

Meanwhile, The World of the Married remains the third highest-rated show in the cable realm as far as peak ratings are concerned. SKY Castle and Crash Landing on You rank first and second, respectively.

The list below ranks the 10 highest-rated cable dramas of all time based on highest nationwide single-episode ratings (as of April 18, 2020):

  1. SKY Castle (JTBC) – 23.779%
  2. Crash Landing On You (tvN) – 21.683%
  3. The World of the Married (JTBC) – 18.816%
  4. Reply 1988 (tvN) – 18.803%
  5. Goblin (tvN) – 18.680%
  6. Mr. Sunshine (tvN) – 18.129%
  7. Itaewon Class (JTBC) – 16.548%
  8. 100 Days My Prince (tvN) – 14.412%
  9. Signal (tvN) – 12.544%
  10. The Lady In Dignity (JTBC) – 12.065%

Based on the British TV series Doctor Foster, The World of the Married centers on a successful doctor (Kim Hee-ae) whose life is ruined after she finds out that her husband (Park Hae-joon) is cheating on her. With nine more episodes to go before it concludes its broadcast, the series is expected to climb past the 20% mark in ratings, joining the ranks of SKY Castle and Crash Landing on You.

The World of the Married Poster 5

The World of the Married beat the premiere of Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun’s new drama The King: Eternal Monarch in terms of the number of viewers. Read the full story here.


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  • Arlene

    April 18, 2020 - 10:14 am

    Hi. Am a fan of your page. Pls dont forget your promise to make a list of weekend highest rated kdramas on free tv. I usually base what i watch on ratings. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    • Kdramapal

      April 18, 2020 - 2:50 pm

      Hehe noted Arlene! We’ll make that article soon!

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