Blockbuster Korean zombie film ‘Peninsula’ records $40M in revenue across eight Asian countries

PD Yeon Sang-ho’s newest zombie apocalypse film Peninsula broke the box-office records of eight Asian nations with a record-high combined revenue of 40 million USD, approximately 47.75 billion KRW.

The South Korean action horror movie is a standalone sequel to the 2016 hit film Train to Busan. Amid the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has attracted 3.5 million moviegoers locally and has earned a revenue of 25.4 million USD (30.3 billion KRW) since its premiere on July 15. In as early as the 11th day of its screening, Peninsula reportedly reached the project’s break-even point.

With its recent release in neighboring countries, data show that international fans have instantly caught the zombie fever, which continues to spread like wildfire by the day. In Taiwan, the film’s cumulative sales have exceeded 10 million USD in its third week, making it the country’s no. 1 box-office hit of the year so far.

In Vietnam, the revenue has amounted to more than 3.33 million USD, higher than that of the Oscar-winning, black comedy film Parasite (2019). Due to the said achievement, the film has set a new record as the highest-grossing South Korean movie to ever grace the Southeast Asian nation.

In addition, the film has also been conquering the cinemas in Singapore with 1.5 million USD in ticket sales, despite the strict implementation of only 50 seats per theater as part of the country’s social distancing measures. Maintaining its success streak, the movie now holds the top spot against all current box-office entries in Laos, Thailand, and Mongolia.

Prior to its official release, the movie was successfully presold to 185 countries worldwide and even got selected as one of the critically acclaimed films to be featured at the now canceled 2020 Cannes Film Festival. Everyone’s attention is now focused on whether it will create the same sweeping craze across Northern Europe and North America as it has done in Asia.

Peninsula is set four years after the flesh-eating disease broke out in Train to Busan and tells the tale of survivors seeking refuge at a certain quarantined headland. It stars actor Gang Dong-won as the former soldier Han Jung-suk and follows his journey towards the ravaged Korean peninsula.

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