Biggest Mysteries In Hotel del Luna Right Now

Pretty sure the entire world is watching Yeo Jin-goo and IU’s Hotel del Luna if the drama’s ratings and buzz rankings are anything to go by. A Hong sisters-penned story about the 1000-year old CEO and the new manager of a hotel for ghosts was bound to catch everyone’s attention. IU and Yeo Jin-goo’s chemistry has elevated an already interesting script, along with cameos from big names like Lee Joon-gi, Lee Yi-kyung, Nam Da-reum, and Sulli.

Hotel del Luna has officially stepped into its second half, with Man-wol (IU) and Chan-sung (Yeo Jin-goo) developing feelings for each other. We’ve pieced together enough of Man-wol’s past life to know what led her to be punished for eternity, and the role Chan-sung will play in her journey towards redemption. There are, however, some questions that remain unanswered and can significantly impact the major characters as well as the ending. Read on to find out what they are.

IU playing Man-wol in Hotel del Luna.


1. What purpose is Chan-sung meant to serve in Man-wol’s life?

When Chan-sung began seeing into Man-wol’s past through his dreams, we thought that he might be Man-wol’s lover Chung-myung in his past life. Both Man-wol and Chan-sung shot that possibility down real fast. Then we theorized that he could be Yeon-woo, Man-wol’s best friend and partner-in-crime until Yeon-woo showed up reborn as Detective Young-su. And now we’re left wondering—Is Chan-sung related to Man-wol’s past at all? Is he only meant to help her atone for her sins and come to terms with them so that she can pass to the afterlife?

Yeo Jin-goo playing Chan-sung in Hotel del Luna.

With three weeks to go before the drama’s finale, I can feel a solid plot twist coming with regards to both Chan-sung and Man-wol’s past. My only hope is that the reveal isn’t too devastating for our already star-crossed pair. We can all agree that Man-wol has suffered enough for at least a hundred lifetimes.

2. How will Chung-myung make a comeback in Man-wol’s life?

First of all, I’m still not over Chung-myung (Lee Do-hyun) betraying Man-wol and Yeon-woo after gaining their trust. The reveal wasn’t surprising as much as it was painful since Man-wol lost everything she cared for in her life because of one man.

At this point, it’s pretty much set in stone that Chung-myung will reappear in her life in the current timeline, and his return will be Man-wol’s final test. Something about Chung-myung’s character, however, is still shrouded in mystery.

Lee Do-hyun playing Chung-myung in Hotel del Luna.

In Chan-sung’s most recent foray into Man-wol’s past, we see Man-wol acting on her resolve to kill Chung-myung. She starts by killing off his bride, Princess Song-hwa, and putting on her red wedding gown as she waits for Chung-myung. When he arrives, she charges at him, sword in hand.

So, did Man-wol kill Chung-myung? If not, will he return in human form with no memory of his past life or as a malevolent spirit? Why had Chung-myung spared Man-wol’s life in the past? Is something about his true motivations yet to be revealed? I can’t wait to find out.

3. What’s in store for Hotel del Luna?

Hotel del Luna

It’s been said multiple times in the drama that the hotel will cease to exist when Man-wol goes to the afterlife. That’s what’s had Sun-bi and Seo-hee so worried that they went as far as to send Chan-sung in harm’s way to stop him from helping her atone for her mistakes. But I’m still harboring some hope, because come on. The hotel can’t just disappear suddenly! That sounds like a bleak fate, especially since the drama has shown us repeatedly how valuable and purposeful the existence of the hotel is.

I also have to point out that before Man-wol was cursed to be the hotel’s owner, she was already looking for a certain ‘Inn of the Moon’, which implies that the inn existed before her and there’s a slight chance that the hotel might just keep on going, with or without Man-wol.

4. Why is Hyun-joong secretive about his sister?

Pyo Ji-hoon (P.O) playing Hyun-joong in Hotel del Luna.

Like all of Hotel del Luna’s staff, Hyun-joong (P.O) has also a reason he’s not going to the afterlife—he’s waiting to leave with his little sister whom he loved very much. And while that’s both adorable and heartbreaking, some elements of this backstory have raised question marks for me. When we saw Hyun-joong’s sister—now an old woman on her deathbed— with an old man in the hospital, Yu-na points out that the old man has the same name as Hyun-joong. I feel that this raises questions about Hyun-joong’s real identity.

Later, when Hyun-joong opens up to Yu-na about his past, he ends up forbidding her to visit his sister. Again, this comes off a little a shady to me and I can’t help but believe that we might be in for a shocking twist later on.

Are you watching Hotel Del Luna? What are you looking forward to in the second half of the show? Do you think Man-wol and Chan-sung will have a happy ending? Let us discuss in the comments!

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