Big Small Things About ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon finally ended on Saturday, April 15. Although it did not break through the 10 % mark in viewership ratings, its record is by no means ordinary and so-so. Its finale achieved 8.96 % according to nationwide data from Nielsen Korea, making the average ratings of its 16 episodes equal to 7.65 %. Its highest rating, which is 9.67 % attained in episode 10,  is the 7th highest among the peak ratings of Korean cable dramas and the second among JTBC’s past drama productions, just next to Childless Comfort‘s 10.72 %.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is a showcase of ironic situations in life. Its success can be attributed to the excellent portrayal of big and small things—how little things matter and make a huge impact. 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 16

A woman short for her age but possesses massive strength and a big heart for good deeds. The series is about Park Bo-young‘s character, Do Bong-soon, a young woman gifted with superhuman strength to do good and bring justice. She is physically strong but emotionally weak and sensitive. As abuse and injustice bother and make her uncomfortable, she uses her power to make things right.

The real source of her strength was simply her family. Literally, her super power is something that is passed on to all the women in her family. Despite the fact she is not an average girl, her family treat her normally and give their utmost love and support for her. Her father treats her as an ordinary daughter who needs his protection and guidance. On the other hand, her mother encourages her to use her power in helping others. Things are also made a lot easier for Bong-soon because of her ever protective and caring twin brother. Plus, the comfort and affection given by her friend greatly help in her pursuit of justice.

The little things Guk-doo does for Bong-soon for friendship. Everyone can surely relate how friends are always there for each other, rain or shine. And yes, the little things we do for our friends count and are very important! We often neglect these simple things because we see it as something trivial, nothing special. But hey, this is the same reason why In Guk-doo, played by Ji Soo, was not able to notice his real feelings for Bong-soon, losing to Ahn Min-hyuk and ending up regretful. He was always there for Bong-soon and makes sure that she is safe despite his busy schedule as a detective. He also gets mad every time Bong-soon is faced with danger. But he did not know that this and all the other things he did for her are clear signs that he already likes her.

Subtle but deep feelings of Ahn Min-hyuk. The male lead character Ahn Min-hyuk (played by Park Hyung-sik) is the CEO of the video gaming company Ainsoft who hires Do Bong-soon as his bodyguard. The love story between the two gradually develops in the series. Min-hyuk starts to think of Bong-soon all the time— what she does, where she is, how she feels, etc. He also can’t resist to tease and move closer to her everytime they are together. His smiles and giggles when he’s with Bong-soon surely got us all! Above all, Min-hyuk also trusts Bong-soon with his life story and there’s no doubt that he deeply cares for her. Park Hyung-sik did a great job in making the fans feel Min-hyuk’s genuine love for Bong-soon. 

The series is our everyday dose of laughter. The other characters in the drama did not fail in serving the viewers with a daily dose of laughter. The humor of the series is rooted in the excellent play on big and small things. Strong Woman Do Bong-soon inspires those who feel weak or small to step up and do something impactful, something big. On one hand, the series humorously showed how someone strong or who holds position in the society (Baek Soo-tak and gang: physical might, Ahn Min-hyuk: influential and rich, Oh Dong-byung: Bong-soon’s direct superior, and the police: authority in the area) could be very weak and vulnerable at some point.

A pinch of thrill that completes the drama. Kim Jang-hyun, the character played by Jang Mi-kwan, immerses the viewers in the series with his brilliant execution of a villainous man who kidnaps skinny girls in the hope of making them his brides. His character is crucial in unleashing and controlling Do Bong-soon’s full power. The heroine’s fight with him forms a huge part in Bong-soon’s pursuit of justice. 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 16

For all these reasons, Strong Woman Do Bong-soon is yet another must-watch Korean drama. It is a good manifestation of how simple imaginations of the mind (fantasy) could successfully portray the vast reality of life.