‘Big Issue’ releases script reading photos, stills of Han Ye-seul

With its premiere just around the corner, upcoming paparazzi-themed SBS drama Big Issue just started a promotional spree with the release of images taken during the script reading for the series which took place on December 17, 2018, at SBS Ilsan Production Center in Tanhyun, South Korea.

Actors Joo Jin-mo and Han Ye-seul attended the table read, along with the rest of the cast.

Script Reading for Big Issue
Photo Credit: Sports Donga

Big Issue tells the story of Han Seok-joo, played by Joo Jin-mo (Bad Guys: City of Evil), who used to be an alcoholic person but has managed to rise through the ranks of his company to become a celebrity photographer, a status which helps him finance his sick daughter’s treatment. He works for the biggest entertainment newspaper in Korea but his career has gone south due to a “single photograph,” which has forced him to compromise his entire family’s well-being and lose his job.

Han Seok-joo starts to pull himself together after notorious chief editor Ji Soo-hyun—played by Han Ye-seul (20th Century Boy and Girl)—of a paparazzi group, hired him to work as a photographer who will aggressively pursue celebrities for the purpose of taking candid photographs.

Also present during the table read were Shin So-yul (Should We Kiss First), who portrays a journalist at Ji Soo-hyun’s company, and Choi Song-hyun (On The Way To The Airport), who plays Han Seok-joo’s wife who will ask for a divorce due to Han’s crisis at work.

Han Ye-seul's shooting stills for Big Issue
Photo Credit: Xports News

The production team of the series also released a set of photos showing Han Ye-seul working on the set during the first days of filming for the drama in December 2018.

Big Issue will premiere on March 6, 2019, taking over the Wednesday-Thursday prime time slot currently occupied by The Last Empress.

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