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In light of Shin Dae-gil’s death, all signs point towards a premeditated crime. This time, it doesn’t take Sun-ho’s parents time to convince the police to investigate Shin’s death because the detectives had been following Shin prior to his death. Now that they know someone else was keeping an eye on Shin and there is confirmation of him being related to Sun-ho’s case, I’m hopeful for once that the police proceedings will bear fruit.

With the police closing in on them, Joon-seok’s father kicks up his efforts to send Joon-seok out of the country despite his wife’s reluctance. I fail to understand why Oh Jin-pyo puts up an act of not denying his involvement in Shin’s accident to his wife. First of all, she’s in on the whole plan. Secondly, he keeps dropping hints with details that he can only know if he was directly involved, like the fact that Shin’s phone is missing. Why drive her crazy with suspicion? I’m starting to doubt that this man just likes to watch his wife suffer. When the detectives visit to question them they reveal that Shin was hit while on the phone with Sun-ho’s dad, which makes it obvious to Eun-joo who was behind. In this scene, I especially liked the shaky camera movements used to symbolize shock.

What strikes me as really admirable is how Sun-ho’s parents haven’t lost their integrity or morals during this entire ordeal. Somehow, In-ha and Moo-jin have managed not to let the cruelty of the world get to them. The scene of In-ha telling Su-ho the truth about Shin Dae-gil and explaining how the man tried to be brave before his death had me trying not to tear up. She gives her daughter a chance to be rightfully angry and even admits to not being able to forgive Shin but in the end, teaches her the importance of trying to be a better person. The result of this is that despite her conflicting feelings, Su-ho finds the grace to leave flowers by Shin’s little cabin at school and her parents find the grace to visit his funeral.

In a surprising turn of events, it is Moo-jin of all people who manages to land a punch on the invincible Oh Jin-pyo. Convinced that Jin-pyo ordered the attack on Shin, Moo-jin confronts him and asks how he could kill such a pitiful man. The show has been building up on Moo-jin’s anger for a while, but I didn’t think he would ever be angry or impulsive enough to do something like this. And what a punch. So satisfying. I know we’re all about preaching nonviolence etc. etc. but this guy deserved it. Like one of the teachers who witnessed the punch said, “It’s scary when a good man becomes angry.” Well, color me scared. And by the looks of it, Oh Jin-pyo as well.

My favorite part of this whole episode was Moo-jin finding his errant pupil Dong-soo to tell him he understands why Dong-soo got into fights at school. Dong-soo’s incredulous face, followed by conspiratorial smile as his upstanding teacher confesses to beating up a man was hilarious. I love the banter between these two. It’s especially funny that while Moo-jin feels pathetic about punching Joon-seok’s dad, everyone around him has pom poms out and is cheering for him.

Eun-joo has been teetering on the brink of sanity for a very long time now but with this turn of events, she genuinely seems to want to give up. She has a brief moment being suicidal on the bridge but manages to pull herself together because of her son. Oddly, I got the impression that Joon-seok was just a bit sensitive of his mother’s plight in this episode, but I could be wrong here because the father and son have shown little regard for Eun-joo’s emotions so far. This is not Joon-seok’s only problem though, because Shin’s death causes murmurs of a conspiracy in Sun-ho’s case at school. And the rumors seem to be getting to Joon-seok because he even loses the energy to keep pretending to be nice to Young-cheol in order to keep him from revealing what he knows.

With the police in possession of Shin’s call list, I’d have thought there was little possibility that Joon-seok’s family would go scot-free again. But they somehow manage it, despite their excuses for why they both spoke to Shin Dae-gil so often and exchanged money with him sounding incredibly flat. Eun-joo has now been caught on camera leaving money for Shin and I was expecting her to be anxious during the interrogation, but once again, the woman smoothly lies through it. I was just beginning to get frustrated when Moo-jin puts together some clues to find Sun-ho’s phone in the plant Shin Dae-gil sent for Sun-ho. It’s a wild coincidence that frankly, I’m not sold on, but with 3 episodes till finale it seems like the show is trying to tie up the loose ends.

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