Bae Sung-woo removed from ongoing drama ‘Delayed Justice’ after confirmed drunk driving incident

Lead actor Bae Sung-woo of SBS’s Delayed Justice is confirmed to exit from the ongoing legal-themed series as a repercussion for his recent involvement in a serious driving violation.

A representative from SBS revealed on December 10 that the free-to-air TV network was immediately thrown into a discussion about the future status of its Friday-Saturday series, Delayed Justice, following news of Bae’s drunk driving incident.

On December 11, the production team behind Delayed Justice announced in an official statement that SBS and the production company Next Entertainment World have decided to pull out Bae Sung-woo from the drama’s main cast ensemble.

It has been found out earlier that the 48-year-old actor was charged with driving under the influence (DUI) at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul last month. At the time of detection, Bae’s blood alcohol concentration reportedly reached the level of license cancellation and warranted a proper investigation by the authorities. For this reason, a number of television viewers have demanded that Bae step down from his lead role in the ongoing series.

Through his agency Artist Company, Bae Sung-woo has expressed regrets for his road misconduct, saying, “I politely apologize for delivering bad news to many people. I feel fully responsible for my mistake, and I have no excuse. I will accept all consequences and reflect deeply.” To address his colleagues in the industry, he added, “I apologize to the people whom I work with, I will try my best to avoid any damage.”

Bae is best known for his appearances in the series You’re My Favorite (2012–2013), Dating Agency: Cyrano (2013), and Live (2018). In Delayed Justice, he plays the role of a soft-hearted reporter who defends falsely accused judicial victims alongside his lawyer-partner who is played by popular actor Kwon Sang-woo (Queen of Mystery 2).

Meanwhile, Bae Sung-woo’s younger brother, announcer Bae Sung-jae, commented via his SBS Power FM program “Bae Sung-jae’s Ten,” “I apologize as a family member. Until his death, his name will never be mentioned on air.”

Below is the production staff’s full statement on the present issue.

“First of all, we would like to apologize for causing great concern to the viewers due to the drunk driving incident of Bae Sung-woo, who is currently appearing in Delayed Justice. We would like to notify you of the production team’s position on the said matter.

Upon hearing news of the leading actor’s drunk driving, the production company and broadcasting network of Delayed Justice undertook a series of deliberation to determine our best possible course of action. We eventually arrived at the conclusion that the removal of Bae Sung-woo from the drama is inevitable. With that, he will no longer take part in future filming sessions, and the new development of the series is now being discussed.

After the airing of episode 12 on December 12, Delayed Justice will take three weeks off to reorganize and prepare for the resumption of its broadcast next year. As filming is already completed until episode 16, these episodes will air with Bae Sung-woo edited out as much as possible, whereas episodes 17 through 20 will be filmed without him. We ask for your deep understanding as this decision was made in consideration of the watchers’ viewing experience and the potential negative impact that the issue could cast on other actors and staff.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for causing an inconvenience in watching Delayed Justice.”

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