‘Awaken’ unveils dark side of Namkoong Min in new teaser

tvN’s upcoming mystery drama Awaken has dropped its initial promotional clip, introducing its lead star Namkoong Min.

Awaken centers on the mysteries happening within the city and a group of people who are trying to uncover their connection to the uncanny events that occurred in a village 28 years ago. Unravelling the mind-boggling cases are the odd yet cagey detective Do Jung-woo (Namkoong Min, Stove League), the bright and confident police officer Gong Hye-won (Kim Seol-hyun, My Country: The New Age), and the secretive FBI-dispatched investigator Jamie Layton (Lee Chung-ah, VIP).

The freshly released teaser offers a first glimpse at Do Jung-woo, the head of a special task force in the National Police Agency. Underneath the cunning man who constantly sucks on candy and maintains bad hair and posture is actually a legendary and skilled officer who has been keeping secrets.

The scene opens with Jung-woo, with a smug look on his face, walking inside an abandoned facility. His voice says in the background, “I decided not to believe in God anymore,” as he is seen surrounded by armed police officers. As the tense moment lingers, Jung-woo reaches for something in his jacket, only to take out a lollipop with his bloody hand. He smiles deviously, as if taunting the police, before his gaze changes into a cold and terrifying stare. As the video closes, Jung-woo looks into the camera and says, “Whose fault is it that I was thrown into this world?,” tickling the viewers’ curiosity on how he ended up in such a situation.

Catch the suspense-packed tale of Awaken (also known as Day and Night) on tvN beginning November 30 at 9 p.m. KST.

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