ASMR teasers, group posters for Jung Ryeo-won, Lee Sun-kyun’s ‘Diary Of A Prosecutor’

In the runup to its premiere next month, JTBC drama Diary of A Prosecutor has released new group posters and teasers featuring the six major characters in the series.

Starring Jung Ryeo-won (Wok of Love) and Lee Sun-kyun (My Mister), Diary Of A Prosecutor aims to shed light on the daily struggles of prosecutors working in small district offices. Lee Sun-kyun plays a mediocre prosecutor with no ambition while Jung Ryeo-won takes on the role of an elite prosecutor who gets demoted. Because of their clashing approaches to their profession, the two characters will be seen locking horns at the start of the drama.

Diary Of A Prosecutor Poster 2

The first poster show all six members of the main cast—Jung Ryeo-won, Lee Sun-kyun, Lee Sung-jae (Abyss), Kim Kwang-kyu (The Secret Life of My Secretary), Lee Sang-hee (One Sprint Night), and Jeon Sung-woo (Designated Survivor: 60 Days)—posing on the staircase inside a prosecutor’s office building. All six actors are also shown in the second group poster, but this time they are trapped in cubicles, possibly signifying that their jobs are no different from other office workers’.

JTBC also dropped a new teaser that gives a glimpse into the lives of the main characters and the dynamics between them. While the previous teaser establishes the rivalry between Lee Sun-kyun’s and Jung Ryeo-won’s characters, the new one shows a hilarious introduction to what goes on at the district prosecutor’s office where the main characters are working. The secondary characters up the comedic potential, and it seems like the viewers will be in for a fun ride during the course of watching the series.

Additionally, three ASMR teasers were also released. In the first one, Lee Sun-kyun goes on a late-night fishing trip with Jung Jae-sung (Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency).

In the second ASMR teaser, the prosecutors are shown busy with their work—taking care of each other as well as their clients, and resolving violent arguments. It seems that Jung Ryeo-won has just moved into her new office, and her disappointment at the workplace is evident in the way she sits on her chair and sighs.

The final ASMR teaser shows the prosecutors eating their meals together. Everyone seems comfortable, except Lee Sun-kyun, who looks at Jung Ryeo-won with a disgruntled expression on his face.

Diary of a Prosecutor is directed by Lee Tae-gon of the Age Of Youth series. It is set to premiere on JTBC on December 16.

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