Angel’s Last Mission: Love Highlights: Episodes 3-4

Yeon-seo finally gets her eyesight back, but at a cost. Dan, who is now her new driver and personal assistant, saves her again from danger.

Dan loses his chance to return to heaven after saving Yeon-seo

This is the result of him saving Yeon-seo during the car accident, which occurs at the time when he is supposed to go to the pickup point (disguised as a church) where he’ll be dispatched to heaven. He tries to get the door of the church open but it won’t budge. It’s too late!

But just as he accepts his punishment to disappear like smoke, Archangel Hoo tells him he has one last chance. He’s going to turn into a human and complete a special mission within 100 days: find love for someone.

Mr. Jo passes away, gives his cornea to Yeon-seo

Yeon-seo is devastated knowing that she’s finally gotten her eye surgery and can see again, but it’s all made possible because Mr. Jo died in the accident. She forces herself to visit Mr. Jo’s wake, where she takes everyone by surprise when she smiles in front of his picture after remembering his wishes to see her shine again. The deep pain in her eyes is heartbreaking to see.

Dan, who is on his way to room 502 in the hospital for his special mission, sees Yeon-seo in the elevator and follows her all the way to the wake. Later, his jaw drops upon realizing that his mission is about Yeon-seo.

Ni-na’s position as prima ballerina is at risk

This after Ji Kang-woo (LEE DONG-GUN) barges in on Ni-na’s team in the middle of dance practice, announcing that he’s the new ballet master and his plan to have Yeon-seo replace Ni-na as the prima ballerina. All because the former is a lot better than the latter.

Of course, Yeong-ja is against the idea. But Kang-woo tells her that he has wanted to do it it even if Yeon-seo was still blind and now that she can see again, he will persuade her to dance and lead the team, whatever it takes.

Yeon-seo hires Dan as Mr. Jo’s replacement

Dan’s reaction after finding out that his mission has something to do with Yeon-seo speaks of his apprehension, knowing that Yeon-seo is a cold brat who does not easily fall for someone, let alone show older people respect. But left with no other choice, he goes ahead and apply for the position vacated by Mr. Jo.

Yeon-seo hires him, albeit reluctantly, after he sparks anger from her for saying that she’s as cranky as ever and she should try to be nice. She gets provoked and ends up walking on her own, which is sort of a miracle since her doctor tells her it’d be impossible for her to walk by herself for the time being because she’s suffering from a psychological trauma that affects her body in many ways.

And just like that, Dan is hired.

Dan’s wings pop out when Yeon-seo asks for him

And the worst part? He has no idea how to make them disappear. He’s busy sweeping outside the house when it happens, and he gets in a panic when the wings appear and Yeon-seo calls him. That timing!

He sneaks back into the house to hide in a room. Still demanding to see him, Yeon-seo finds her way to the room but before she can open the door, a sound somewhere in the house diverts her attention from Dan.

Yeon-seo is in danger but Dan comes to her rescue, again

Yeon-seo goes downstairs to investigate the noise and finds the window smashed in, with shards of glasses scattered on the floor that reminds her of the stage light accident. She loses her composure and is unable to stand, which puts her in a position directly under a chandelier that is about to collapse. But just as the chandelier begins to fall, Dan suddenly arrives at the scene and shields her from the glasses with his wings!

Yeon-seo is dumbfounded, and Dan has another flashback to a girl saving a boy from falling off a cliff.

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