Angel’s Last Mission: Love Highlights: Episodes 1-2

Shin Hye-sun’s character is blind, extremely rude, but impeccably talented in ballet. During a well-orchestrated car accident, L’s adorable angelic role comes to her rescue.

SHIN HYE-SUN is Lee Yeon-seo, a former professional ballerina who lives in a mansion

But aside from her huge house and super talent in dancing, there’s nothing that can make someone feel envious of her life. It’s been three years since she stopped performing on stage and woke up a blind person following an accident. Her parents already passed away and her relatives, especially her aunt, essentially wants her dead. The only person on her side who genuinely cares for her is Mr. Jo Seung-hwan (JANG HYUN-SUNG), her family’s driver who has become her personal and trusted assistant. In a nutshell, she’s one cash-rich young woman who is deprived of happiness.

Yeon-seo has a very cold and insolent behavior, but based on Mr. Jo’s words, it seems to be not intrinsic to her character and is only her coping mechanism in the face of her suffering. She has likely developed it in response to her pain and as a shield against people who might take advantage of her disability. In addition, she’s the type who literally kicks bad guys’ assess; she’s visually impaired but not helpless.

L (aka KIM MYUNG-SOO) is Dan, a cheerful angel who is about to return to heaven

Dan is in the human world to do his job as an angel in charge of animals, and he only has one mission left to do before his return to where he came from. Although he’s not allowed to meddle with life, particularly with human life, he can’t help but use his power to punish some people and help others. And when archangel Hoo (KIM IN-KWON) lectures him on it, he just says that the Deity’s great purpose won’t be tampered with his actions. He obviously has the heart for someone in need, which makes him warm-hearted, cheerful, and adorable at the same time. His attitude contrasts with Yeon-seo’s, which could be instrumental in making her change, or revert back to her old “bright” self.

Yeon-seo can feel Dan’s presence, calls the Deity a “jerk”

Not only that, she can also hear and touch him. Of course, he’s shocked, wondering why on earth this particular woman could grab him and hurls insults at his Master without any hesitation.

Yeon-seo attends, ruins a party hosted by her evil aunt

Yeon-seo’s parents own an organization called Fantasia Cultural Foundation and because they’re gone, she’s actually the owner now. But her aunt Choi Yeong-ja (DO JI-WON) serves as the foundation’s director who runs it. For the foundation’s 20th anniversary, Yeong-ja invites Yeon-seo to a party despite the fact that it falls on the death anniversary of her parents. She reluctantly joins the event and ends up completely ruining it when she delivers a sarcastic speech to a crowd of VIPs, reminding everyone that the prima ballerina (Geum Ni-na, played by KIM BO-MI) of her foundation’s ballet company is just her understudy in the past when she was the principal dancer. Yeong-ja, who is also Ni-na’s mom, bursts into anger and confronts Yeon-seo right after the event. When she asks how her family have wronged Yeon-seo for her to behave like that, she recounts the day when her aunt smiled in triumph as Yeong-ja hugs her in the hospital knowing that she’d lost her ability to see.

It’s crystal clear that Yeong-ja is the villain of the story, who has colluded with a doctor over the last three years to make sure that Yeon-seo doesn’t get her cornea transplant.

Dan remembers something in the past, saves Yeon-seo from danger

On the way back home, the brakes of Yeon-seo’s car fail and Mr. Jo remembers a car repair guy in the parking garage he had seen earlier who might be the suspect. They meet a fatal accident, causing the car to hang off the side of the road. Meanwhile, Dan is headed to his pickup point going to heaven when he hears Yeon-seo’s voice. Upon his instant arrival at the scene of the accident, she notices his presence for the second time and begs him to save her and Mr. Jo. He faces a dilemma because he’s not supposed to be involved with humans but after hearing her say, “I wanted to die every single day, but I want to live now,” he has a sudden flashback to a boy (the young Dan in his previous life?) falling and drowning while saying the exact words as he asks for help. The car finally falls off the cliff but everything suddenly stops, except for Dan who rushes to save her.


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