‘Age of Youth 2’ breaks own record again, achieves 4 % in TV ratings

It is good news again for cable network JTBC as its currently airing drama Age of Youth 2 pulled off a record-breaking broadcast Saturday night. The drama’s latest and 12th episode achieved 4.069 % in nationwide viewer ratings according to Nielsen Korea, breaking again its previous highest record and obtaining an audience share considered remarkable by Korean cable TV standards.

The coming-of-age drama is the sequel to last year’s sleeper hit Age of Youth, about five women in their 20s who live together in one house and share the joyous and painful experiences of their youth. It has steadily seen an increase in rating week after week since its premiere on August 25 and impressively recorded a number last night that nearly doubled the pilot episode rating of 2.228 %. In Seoul metropolitan area, the value is a little smaller at 3.725 % but both have become the highest ratings of the drama to date, surpassing the previous peak ratings the series managed to obtain on September 29 — 3.657 % nationwide and 3.494 % in Seoul.

Age of Youth 2 Ratings Episode 1-12

Age of Youth 2‘s popularity is reflected not only in viewership ratings but also in the responses of fans online. Good Data Corporation, a company that ranks the most buzzworthy dramas based on netizen responses through online news, blogs, communities, and social media posts, consistently put the series on top of the list in the past five weeks, except for one time, beating other dramas from the major public broadcasting networks including Falsify and Hospital Ship.

This recent development clearly shows that JTBC is still performing very well this year in terms of drama viewership. The cable network has enjoyed high ratings since the broadcast period of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Although the succeeding dramas have different ranges in the recorded audience shares, all of them are a success in their own ways. In Age of Youth 2‘s case, it has already reaped an impressive victory as a sequel. Now that it has only two episodes left, the challenge to maintain the status quo will be forwarded to The Package on October 13.


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