‘Age of Youth 2’ renews highest TV rating, exceeds 3 % mark

For the first time since it premiered, JTBC’s Age of Youth 2 saw an increase in ratings for three consecutive episodes. According to Nielsen Korea, the 7th episode of the drama which aired on September 15 recorded its all-time high nationwide rating of 2.839 %, a little higher than the previous episode’s 2.817 %. The drama has renewed its peak rating Saturday night as the 8th episode managed to post 3.099 % and finally hit the mark in audience share that was easily surpassed by its three predecessors within their first week of airing.

Age of Youth 2 Ratings Episode 1-8

Age of Youth 2 started off its broadcast with modest ratings ranging from 2 to 2.5 %. These numbers fell to 1.657 % in the next week but since then the drama has gradually improved in ratings. These ratings may pale in comparison with what its predecessors—Woman of Dignity, Man to Man, and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon—achieved within their four weeks of broadcast, but it does not mean that Age of Youth is left out in terms of popularity. In fact, the series topped the list of most buzzworthy television dramas during its premiere week, from August 21 to 27, beating 35 other series including Father Is Strange, Save Me, Live Up To Your Name, and The King Loves. It slipped to the second place in the following week when Hospital Ship aced the ranking but it regained the top spot during the third week. The rankings were based on data from Good Data corporation which came up with the results after analyzing netizen responses through online news, blogs, and social media posts.

The second season of the slice-of-life drama already surpassed the first season’s peak rating of 2.508 % and considering the immense popularity that it enjoys now, it has become no doubt a successful follow-up to the original series that aired last year. Just like the first season, the sequel follows the lives of five women in their 20s who live together in one house. The main cast includes Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Park Eun-bin, Ji Woo, and Choi A-ra.

Age of Youth 2 is written and directed by Park Yeon-sun and Lee Tae-gon, respectively, who also handled the first season’s production. It will be followed in October by The Package, a travel-themed romance drama starring Lee Yeon-hee and CNBLUE’s Jung Yong-hwa.

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