New reports surfaced claiming that some of the stars from the Korean dramas Night Light and Master: God of Noodles have not received their salary yet for their work. It has been almost three months and one year since the airing of the last episode of Night Light and Master: God of Noodles, respectively. The actors from both dramas have already filed official complaints against the production companies.

Verdi Media, the production company behind Master-God of Noodles (also known as Master of Revenge), owes the amount of 300 million won or about 262,000 US dollars. It’s been reported that the company did not do something to resolve the matter nor did they negotiate with the actors and actresses involved. The Korea Entertainment Management Association issued summons to Verdi Media on April 5 due to the issue, requiring its officials to attend a disciplinary or ethics hearing about the unpaid salaries.

As for Night Light, the company responsible for producing the series, C Story, released a statement saying there are indeed delays in some of the payments but they have communicated with the actors concerned regarding the payment schedule. This is contrary to reports claiming that they did not respond to the actors who contacted them about the matter. An official from the company cited China’s prohibition of Korean cultural products in its country over military and political issues as one reason for the delayed payments, saying “Due to the issue [with] the Chinese government, many producers are experiencing difficulties.” The official mentioned that the payment of the performance fee has been delayed due to the disruption in the selling of broadcasting rights overseas. 

Night Light aired from November 2016 to January 2017. It marks Jin Goo’s first leading role after his  performance in the hit 2016 drama Descendants of the Sun. Meanwhile, Master: God of Noodles aired between April and June last year.

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