Work For Us

It’s been over 120 days since Kdramapal was founded. We initially launched the website with a WordPress subdomain and due to our commitment to making Kdramapal bigger and helpful to the online community of Kdrama fans, this website was created.

We are looking for volunteers who can write news, features, and other articles about Korean dramas for our website.  As volunteers, you will work with us without compensation for your job. However, when you regularly contribute to us, we will invite you to become officially part of the Kdramapal Core Team whose members are co-owners of the website. If you become a co-owner, you will hold a certain percentage of Kdramapal’s net income.

You may want to volunteer for the following reasons:

  • You want to become a member of the Kdramapal Core Team someday.
  • You have so much free time and love writing about Korean dramas.

When you volunteer for us, you can write any article that falls under the news, features, post series, and information category (see About page for more information on categories) at any time you want. You will be given a user role on our website so that you can work with us efficiently.

Who can become a volunteer?

Anyone from around the world who likes Korean dramas can volunteer for us.

What can you get as a volunteer?

Volunteers have also perks, you know.

  • You can publish your own articles on a fully established website without the hassle of managing one.
  • You get to discover (and possibly meet) new friends who are kdrama fans like yourself.
  • Depending on your goals, you can become a member of the Kdramapal Core Team.
  • You can choose to become a moderator in Kdramapal Forums.

How to become a volunteer?

Write a news or feature article that you want to publish on Kdramapal. If you meet our minimum writing standards, we will contact you as soon as possible to add you to our website management system. If your first contribution doesn’t get approved, don’t worry because you can send unlimited entries. Writing a news or feature should be easy and fun! It’s not like you’re writing an academic report or essay, so enjoy while writing!

Make sure to write your correct email. This is important because we will contact you through this address.
Write or paste here your first contribution that you want us to publish on Kdramapal. It can be a news or feature article related to Korean drama(s). If you are going to submit a news, it must be a LATEST one. You will be given the sign-in credentials on our system after we review and approve your content. The article must contain a minimum of 300 words and must be written in English only.