Founded in December 2016, Kdramapal (KDP), a website headquartered in the Philippines, is dedicated to publishing online content related to Korean dramas (Kdramas).  Here at KDP, we strive to make our website the go-to online destination for avid fans looking for the latest info and updates on South Korean television series.


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Each content we publish can be generally categorized into one of the following: news, features, post series, information, and initiatives. Everything is related to Kdramas. That’s our forte.

News. If you want to know about the latest happenings in Kdramaland, we have news content that covers literally anything that has something to do with Kdramas which include, but are not limited to, ratings, script reading, commercial success, casting offers and confirmations, and episode extensions.

Features. We also publish articles featuring Kdramas and particular topics related to them. Most features are published on a non-regular basis but there are others that run weekly or monthly.

Post Series. Post series are sets of posts about a central topic that has something to do with Kdramas. They can be likened to features, but are longer, divided into parts, and has a definite start and end date. The first post series of Kdramapal is Dramatop: Top Korean Dramas 2016, which consists of 21 parts published in 2017.

Information. Are you looking for general information related to Kdramas, including the director, writer, cast, and synopsis? You can find them in our drama information pages (DIPs) which are made specifically with the set of essential information a Kdrama fan wants to know.

Initiatives. Content, activities, and programs under this category may involve your active participation as a Kdrama fan. Kdramapal Initiatives aim to promote Korean dramas in a fun and interactive way. Our first initiative is the Kdrama Writing Contest