9 New Korean Dramas To Watch In November 2019

Oh, sweet November—the month of winter chills, warm cups of tea, and curling into bed with an engrossing K-drama. To make winters even more perfect than they already are, 9 new Korean dramas are premiering this month. Now, we know that you’d rather watch any series instead of spending too much time deciding what to watch, so we’ve compiled this handy list of November K-drama premieres. By the time your tea is ready, you’ll already have landed on a show to watch. Read on!

Note: The premiere date is confirmed unless otherwise stated.

November 2: NEVER TWICE (Saturdays on MBC)

Never Twice poster
  • Genre: Comedy, Family Drama
  • Main Cast: Park Se-wan & Kwak Dong-yeon
  • Predecessor: Golden Garden

Never Twice, also known as No Second Chances, recently released a hilarious new teaser, and I already can’t wait for it to premiere! It seems like one of those shows that don’t feature many well-known actors but end up being a sleeper hit because they’re so well-written, a la Welcome To Waikiki. The show’s leads are up-and-coming actors Park Se-wan (Joseon Survival) and Kwak Dong-yeon (Doctor Detective). While Park will play a simple girl from a coastal town who moves to Seoul, Kwak plays the savvy heir to a hotel chain. The cast also boasts of Oh Ji-ho, who we most recently saw in Hotel del Luna, playing an attractive man who moves in the room next door to Ye Ji-won. The feisty Ye Ji-won will be seen playing a kind-hearted woman with little dating experience. My interest is piqued.

November 11: CHIEF OF STAFF 2 (Mondays & Tuesdays on JTBC)

Chief of Staff Poster featuring Lee Jung-jae

Fans of political series rejoice! Because the critically-acclaimed Chief of Staff is one of the 9 new Korean dramas we can watch in November. Having aired the first season from June to July, the second season is kicking off this month with all the major actors returning—Lee Jung-jae as the power-hungry detective-turned-chief of staff Jang Tae-joon, Shin Min-ah newbie lawmaker Kang Sun-young who locks horns with Jang, and Lee Elijah as the hard-working staff member at Jang’s office. But we know this rare multi-season format has most likely something to do with the drama being a Netflix original because there was no considerable filming gap between the first and second season. This is not a show that will give you a happy ending. In fact, as far as realism in a political drama goes, this one is pretty hard-hitting and doesn’t flinch away from wading into how dirty politics is. What remains to be seen this time, if our trio will succumb to the evil that is power or if they will resist it and allow the good to prevail.

November 13: GOOD CASTING (Wednesdays & Thursdays on SBS)

Leads Choi Kang-hee & Lee Sang-yeob of Good Casting (Korean drama)
  • Genre: Action, Comedy
  • Main Cast: Choi Kang-hee & Lee Sang-yeob
  • Predecessor: Secret Boutique

(Premiere date was pushed back to March 2020). Picture a woman-led action drama with a side of wit and comedy, and tell me you’re not excited. Choi Kang-hee (Mystery Queen 2) is back with Good Casting, previously known as Miss Casting, to set our screens ablaze as an ex-black ops agent who is suspended from service after an operation she’s in charge of derails terribly—resulting in a junior officer’s death and the escape of a criminal. She now works in cybersecurity as someone who leaves and monitors comments online. Just when she’s lost all hope of ever returning to the field, she’s sent to investigate a corporate data leak at the country’s largest conglomerate. Joining Choi Kang-hee on her adventures is Yoo In-young (Hold Me Tight), who plays a single woman harboring a dream to become an NIS agent, and Lee Sang-yeob (Love Affairs In The Afternoon), a former classmate of Choi’s character who used to like her. K-dramas seem to be opening up to casting female leads in crime dramas (see: Catch The Ghost), and I’m so ready for more badass women on TV. 

November 15: STOVE LEAGUE (Fridays & Saturdays on SBS)

Leads Namgoong Min & Park Eun-bin of Stove League (Korean drama)
  • Genre: Sports-themed Drama
  • Main Cast: Namgoong Min & Park Eun-bin
  • Predecessor: Vagabond

(Premiere date was pushed back to December 2019). I’m not a huge fan of sports, especially baseball, but it looks like I’m going to have a crash course in the game through Stove League because there’s no way I can miss it. I mean, Namgoong Min, Park Eun-bin and SKY Castle heartthrob Jo Byung-gyu? Bring it on. Namgoong Min (Doctor Prisoner) will take us into the world of baseball with his role as the new general manager of a baseball team called Dreams, which is at the bottom of the league ranking. He meets Park Eun-bin’s (The Ghost Detective) character, the team’s operations manager who is ever-encouraging and never gives up on them. Together, they embark on training for a new season. I imagine this will be one of those dramas that will make me laugh and cry in equal measures and leave me with a heartwarming story and endearing characters. I’m also super excited to see Park Eun-bin and Namgoong Min together and see what magic they can create.

November 20: PSYCHOPATH DIARY (Wednesdays & Thursdays on tvN)

Psychopath Diary poster
  • Genre: Thriller, Comedy
  • Main Cast: Yoon Shi-yoon, Jung In-sun & Park Sung-hoon
  • Predecessor: Miss Lee

Yoon Shi-yoon (Nokdu Flower) is continuing to pick experimental dramas, much to my delight. November will also see the premiere of Psychopath Diary, which he is headlining along with Jung In-sun (Terius Behind Me) and Park Sung-hoon (Justice). This is an extremely promising trio of actors and with 100 Days My Prince PD Lee Jong-jae at the helm of the production, my expectations are high. Honestly, I was hooked as soon as I read the description of this drama. Yoon Shi-yoon plays a timid stock exchange worker who witnesses a murder and then loses his memory in an accident. When a serial killer’s diary falls into his hands, he starts believing that he’s the killer. My god, what a unique premise! Jung In-sun takes on the role of a police officer who is on the killer’s trail while Park Sung-hoon plays the serial killer. I’m particularly looking forward to Yoon’s acting in this one, since his character’s timid personality will undergo a huge change. 

November 23: CRASH LANDING ON YOU (Saturdays & Sundays on tvN)

Leads Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin of Crash Landing On You (Korean drama)

(Premiere date was pushed back to December 2019). Two of Korea’s superstars, who had been rumored to be dating since last year, are coming together in a beautiful romantic drama. The premise of Crash Landing On You sounds a little absurd—a South Korean is forced to make an emergency landing in North Korea during a paragliding accident, and a North Korean military officer comes to her rescue—but if Hyun-bin (Memories of the Alhambra) and Son Ye-jin (Something In The Rain) chose this, I believe that the story has substance. The first teaser of the show was dropped last weekend, and between Hyun-bin and Son Ye-jin, I genuinely didn’t know where to look. Add to that the stunning scenery of Switzerland and Mongolia, where parts of the series were shot. Even if I’m not sold on the story yet, I already know I’d be a fool to miss this because if nothing else, the show promises sizzling chemistry. Besides, this is the latest work of writer Park Ji-eun who brought us My Love From The Star.

November 27: 9.9 BILLION WOMAN (Wednesdays & Thursdays on KBS2)

Leads Cho Yeo-jeong and Kim Kang-woo of 9.9 Billion Woman (Korean drama)

The Lovers of Haeundae stars Cho Yeo-jeong (Beautiful World) and Kim Kang-woo (Item) are reuniting after what feels like ages. Since the 2012 drama, the two actors have matured considerably and established impressive careers. And with 9.9 Billion Woman, we’ll get to appreciate just how much they’ve grown! Cho Yeo-jeong will be seen playing an unlucky woman who suddenly acquires a large sum of money and decides to use it to fight oppressive forces in the world. Kim Kang-woo, on the other hand, will be essaying the role of an ex-cop who is struggling to get to the truth behind his sibling’s death. It is likely that the two will team up, which works out perfectly because that’s exactly what we want. While the drama’s premise sounds good enough, what I’m going to be watching for is Cho and Kim’s performances. 

November 27: PEOPLE WITH FLAWS (Wednesdays & Thursdays on MBC)

Leads Ahn Jae-hyun and Oh Yeon-seo of People With Flaws (Korean drama)
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • Main Cast: Ahn Jae-hyun & Oh Yeon-seo
  • Predecessor: Extraordinary You

Oh Jin-seok, the PD of the Korean Netflix original series My First First Love is making his return to the small screen this month with People With Flaws. The new K-drama is headlined by Ahn Jae-hyun (The Beauty Inside) and Oh Yeon-seo (A Korean Odyssey) and features a classic enemies-to-lovers concept that even the most seasoned rom-com watcher can’t resist. Ahn Jae-hyun will be tackling the role of an attractive young man. He has become obsessed with his looks after being ridiculed for being too plain. Oh Yeon-seo plays a woman who has gone through a lot of trouble thanks to her three handsome brothers, and wants nothing to do with a handsome man. The two cross paths and bicker a lot because of their opposing views, but in the end romance blossoms between the two. 

November 29: CHOCOLATE (Fridays & Saturdays on JTBC)

Leads Yoon Kye-sang and Ha Ji-won of Chocolate (Korean drama)

November must be the month of iconic actors returning to K-dramaland. Not only do we have a Hyun-bin and Son Ye-jin drama to look forward to, but we also have Chocolate featuring Yoon Kye-sang (The Good Wife) and Ha Ji-won (Hospital Ship). As a fan of simple, slow burn romances featuring relatively older actors, my heart is so happy. The last of the 9 new Korean dramas to premiere in November is exactly what I expect a feel-good romantic series with Yoon Kye-sang and Ha Ji-won to be like—he’s a neurosurgeon who loves cooking and she’s a chef. Through a chance meeting as kids, the two changed each other’s lives forever. Now, as adults, they bump into each other again in a hospital ward. The series comes from the PD of The Miracle We Met and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Which one of these dramas is on the top of your November watchlist? Let us know in the comments!

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