7 Korean Dramas on Netflix That Also Deserve Your Time

Nope, I’m not gonna recommend Mr. Sunshine or Crash Landing On You because this article is all about the relatively not-so-popular Korean dramas on Netflix that you might have missed out but deserve your attention. They’re the ones that generally received positive reviews but didn’t generate buzz as much as let’s say, Hotel del Luna or When The Camellia Blooms, did.

The following seven Korean dramas are available on Netflix in at least two countries—the US and the Philippines. You can also find below the complete list of Korean dramas streaming on the platform in both countries.

1. Because This Is My First Life (Romantic Comedy)

Because This Is My First Life Poster 1

I went into this drama without expectations since I’m not a fan of both leads and the writer. But the first episode blew me away, so I ended up loving the show to pieces. Starring Lee Min-ki (The Lies Within) and Jung So-min (Hundred Million Stars From the Sky), Because This Is My First Life (2017) revolves around two thirty-something individuals who end up living together in one house and getting married for financial convenience. What started as a simple symbiotic relationship between the two becomes complicated when they begin to have feelings for each other. Dramabeans gave the series an honorable mention in the Best Drama category of its 2017 Editors’ Picks.

2. Chicago Typewriter (Fantasy Period Drama)

official poster of Korean drama Chicago Typewriter

If you’re looking for an underrated drama right now, Chicago Typewriter (2017) is a choice you won’t regret making. It tells the story of three independence fighters who lived during the Japanese occupation of Korea in the 1930s and are reincarnated into the present time as a famous writer in a career slump, a ghostwriter, and a veterinarian—played by Yoo Ah-in, Go Kyung-pyo (Cross), and Im Soo-jung (Search: WWW), respectively. I watched this almost three years ago, so I couldn’t exactly remember what transpired in the story but trust me, it’s a great drama (numerous comments online also say it’s one of the best of 2017). And as always, Yoo Ah-in gave an amazing portrayal of his character!

3. Prison Playbook (Black Comedy)

Wise Prison Life Poster 3

Prison Playbook (2017-2018) is one of the highest-rated Korean dramas in 2017 but in terms of popularity, it pales into insignificance compared to Reply 1988. The two dramas were directed by the same PD, so his signature directorial style is apparent in both works. Unfortunately, Prison Playbook being a black comedy set in a correctional facility is probably one reason why it didn’t become as famous as Reply 1988. But it did deliver and gave everyone a satisfying experience just as Reply did. The drama follows the everyday prison life of a star baseball player, played by Park Hae-soo, who ends up in jail after attacking a man who tried to sexually assault his sister.

4. The Sound Of Your Heart (Comedy)

The Sound Of Your Heart (2016) is a perfect choice when you want to relax and just have fun while watching a series. Based on a popular webtoon, it centers on a cartoonist, played by Lee Kwang-soo (Live), as he goes about his daily life with his family and girlfriend, played by Jung So-min (Hundred Million Stars From The Sky). The show is quite hilarious, which is why so many fans loved it and wanted a sequel. KBS2 did broadcast a reboot, which is also on Netflix, but it features a different cast and has been criticized for being “not even half as funny as the first season” (well, this is just a random viewer’s opinion I read online).

5. That Winter, The Wind Blows (Romantic Melodrama)

I couldn’t believe a love story involving a blind person could be successfully told on screen for 16 hours, but That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) happened. Song Hye-kyo (Encounter) took on the role of a visually impaired heiress who lives alone in her mansion after her parents got divorced when she was a child. She also got separated from her elder brother named Oh Soo and didn’t hear from him for a long time. When she decides to find and meet him, she ends up crossing paths with another man also named Oh Soo, played by Ju In-sung (Dear My Friends). A high-stakes gambler, this man ends up pretending to be the real Oh Soo for the sake of the money. I can’t drop spoilers here, so watch the show to find out what happens next when they fall for each other. The series was penned by award-winning screenwriter No Hee-kyung, who also wrote Live, Dear My Friends, and It’s Okay That’s Love.

6. Tomorrow With You (Fantasy Romance)

Official poster of Korean drama Tomorrow With You

Tomorrow With You (2017) centers on a CEO of a real estate company, played by Lee Je-hoon (Where Stars Land), who can travel through time via a subway—a special ability that has helped him succeed in his business. One day, after foreseeing that he will die soon, he decides to marry an amateur photographer, portrayed by Shin Min-ah (Chief Of Staff 2), thinking it’s the only way he could save himself. However, their marriage seems to be not the answer to his problem and he becomes desperate to defy his fate when he falls in love with her. The director of this series also helmed Oh My Ghost, Hundred Million Stars From The Sky, Abyss, and most recently, Hi Bye, Mama!

7. Tunnel (Fantasy Crime Thriller)

Official poster of korean drama Tunnel

OCN is home to most of the crime thrillers in K-dramaland so there’s really a lot to choose from when you’re in the mood to indulge yourself in this genre. Tunnel (2017) is one of those that stood out, telling the story of a detective, played by Choi Jin-hyuk (Justice), who mysteriously disappeared in 1986 and appears in 2016 while chasing after a serial killer. After learning that the killer hasn’t been caught yet even after 30 years, he sets out to put an end to the case and hopes that by doing so, he can also return to where he came from. Yoon Hyun-min (My Holo Love) and Lee Yoo-young (The Lies Within) also star in the series as a detective and a criminal psychology professor, respectively.

Korean dramas on Netflix US (as of April 20, 2020):

  1. 12 Years Promise
  2. 28 Moons
  3. Abyss
  4. Another Miss Oh (Oh Hae-young Again)
  5. Argon
  6. Arthdal Chronicles
  7. Bad Guys
  8. Bad Guys: Vile City
  9. Beating Again
  10. Because This Is My First Life
  11. Black
  12. Boys Over Flowers
  13. The Bride Of Habaek
  14. Bring It On Ghost
  15. Cain And Abel
  16. Can We Get Married
  17. Cheese In The Trap
  18. Chicago Typewriter
  19. Chief Of Staff (2 seasons)
  20. Chocolate
  21. Cinderella And The Four Knights
  22. Color Of Woman
  23. Crash Landing On You
  24. The Cravings
  25. Designated Survivor: 60 Days
  26. Goodbye My Wife
  27. Happy And
  28. Heaven’s Garden
  29. Hello My Twenties (Age Of Youth, seasons 1 & 2)
  30. Hi Bye, Mama!
  31. Hospital Playlist (ONGOING DRAMA ON tvN)
  32. Hyena
  33. Hymn Of Death
  34. Immortal Classic
  35. Inheritors (The Heirs)
  36. Iris
  37. Itaewon Class
  38. Jumping Girl
  39. The King: Eternal Monarch (ONGOING DRAMA ON SBS)
  40. K-pop Extreme Survival
  41. The K2
  42. Kingdom (Season 1-2)
  43. A Korean Odyssey (Hwayugi)
  44. Last
  45. Let’s Eat
  46. Let’s Eat 2
  47. The Liar And His Lover
  48. The Lies Within
  49. Life
  50. Live
  51. Live Up To Your Name
  52. Love Alarm
  53. Love For Ten: Generation Of Youth
  54. Love Rain
  55. Magic Phone
  56. A Man Called God
  57. Man To Man
  58. Memories Of The Alhambra
  59. The Miracle
  60. Misaeng
  61. Miss Panda & Mr. Hedgehog
  62. Momo Salon
  63. Mr. Sunshine
  64. My Country: The New Age
  65. My First First Love (2 seasons)
  66. My Holo Love
  67. My Little Baby
  68. My Only Love Song
  69. My Runway
  70. My Sassy Girl
  71. Nightmare High
  72. Oh My Ghost
  73. One More Time
  74. One Spring Night
  75. Operation Proposal
  76. Part-Time Idol
  77. Persona
  78. Possessed
  79. President
  80. Prison Playbook
  81. Reply 1988
  82. Reply 1994
  83. Reply 1997
  84. Romance Is A Bonus Book
  85. Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung
  87. Save Me
  88. Second 20s
  89. Secret Affair
  90. Signal
  91. Something In The Rain
  92. The Sound Of Your Heart
  93. The Sound Of Your Heart Reboot
  94. Spark
  95. Stranger (Secret Forest)
  96. Strong Girl Bong-soon (Strong Woman Do Bong-soon)
  97. Suits
  98. That Winter, The Wind Blows
  99. This Is My Love
  100. Tomorrow With You
  101. Tong: Memories
  102. Tunnel
  103. Under The Black Moonlight
  104. Vagabond
  105. What In The World Happened
  106. When The Camellia Blooms
  107. White Nights

Korean Dramas on Netflix Philippines (as of April 20, 2020):

  1. 12 Years Promise
  2. 2 Weeks
  3. 28 Moons
  4. 49 Days
  5. Abyss
  6. Angry Mom
  7. Another Miss Oh (Oh Hae-young Again)
  8. Are You Human
  9. Argon
  10. Arthdal Chronicles
  11. Bad Guys
  12. Bad Guys: Vile City
  13. Beating Again
  14. Beautiful Gong Shim
  15. Beautiful World
  16. Beauty Inside
  17. Because This Is My First Life
  18. Beethoven Virus
  19. Big
  20. Birth Of A Beauty
  21. Black
  22. Black Knight
  23. Blood
  24. Boys Over Flowers
  25. Bridal Mask
  26. The Bride Of Habaek
  27. Bring It On Ghost
  28. Cain And Abel
  29. Can We Get Married
  30. Cheese In The Trap
  31. Chicago Typewriter
  32. Chief Of Staff (2 seasons)
  33. Chocolate
  34. Cinderella And The Four Knights
  35. Clean With Passion For Now
  36. Coffee Prince
  37. Color Of Woman
  38. Crash Landing On You
  39. The Cravings
  40. Cunning Single Lady
  41. Defendant
  42. Descendants Of The Sun
  43. Designated Survivor: 60 Days
  44. Diary of A Night Watchman
  45. Discovery Of Love
  46. Distorted (Falsify)
  47. Doctor Stranger
  48. Doctors
  49. Don’t Dare To Dream (Jealousy Incarnate)
  50. Dr. Romantic (Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim)
  51. Dream High
  52. Dream High 2
  53. The Emperor Owner Of The Mask
  54. The Empress Ki
  55. Extraordinary You
  56. The Fiery Priest
  57. Fight For My Way
  58. Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency
  59. Full House
  60. The Girl Who Sees Scents
  61. Goblin
  62. Good Doctor
  63. Good Manager (Chief Kim)
  64. Goodbye My Wife
  65. The Greatest Love
  66. The Guardians
  67. Haechi
  68. Happy And
  69. He Is Psychometric
  70. Healer
  71. Heaven’s Garden
  72. Hello My Twenties (Age Of Youth, seasons 1 & 2)
  73. Her Private Life
  74. Hi Bye, Mama!
  75. Hi! School – Love On
  76. Hit The Top (The Best Hit)
  77. Hospital Playlist (ONGOING DRAMA ON tvN)
  78. Hospital Ship
  79. Hotel del Luna
  80. Hwarang
  81. Hyde, Jekyll, Me
  82. Hyena
  83. Hymn Of Death
  84. I Do, I Do
  85. I Hear Your Voice
  86. I Am Not A Robot
  87. Immortal Classic
  88. Inheritors (The Heirs)
  89. Iris
  90. Itaewon Class
  91. It’s Okay That’s Love
  92. Judge Vs. Judge
  93. Jumping Girl
  94. The K2
  95. Kangchi, The Beginning (Gu Family Book)
  96. Kill Me Heal Me
  97. The King: Eternal Monarch (ONGOING DRAMA ON SBS)
  98. The King 2 Hearts
  99. The King In Love
  100. Kingdom (Season 1-2)
  101. A Korean Odyssey (Hwayugi)
  102. Last
  103. The Last Empress
  104. Legal High
  105. Legend Of The Blue Sea
  106. Let’s Eat
  107. Let’s Eat 2
  108. The Liar And His Lover
  109. Lie To Me
  110. The Lies Within
  111. Life
  112. The Light In Your Eyes
  113. Live
  114. Live Up To Your Name
  115. Love Alarm
  116. Love And Marriage
  117. Love For Ten: Generation Of Youth
  118. Love In The Moonlight (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds)
  119. Love Rain
  120. Lucky Romance
  121. Magic Phone
  122. A Man Called God
  123. Man To Man
  124. Marriage Contract
  125. The Master’s Sun
  126. Memories Of The Alhambra
  127. The Miracle
  128. Misaeng
  129. Missing 9
  130. Misty
  131. Moment Of Eighteen
  132. Momo Salon
  133. Money Flower
  134. Moon Embracing The Sun
  135. Moorim School
  136. Mr. Sunshine
  137. Ms. Hammurabi
  138. My Contracted Husband Mr. Oh
  139. My Country: The New Age
  140. My First First Love (2 seasons)
  141. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho
  142. My Golden Life
  143. My Holo Love
  144. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty
  145. My Little Baby
  146. My Love From The Star
  147. My Only Love Song
  148. My Runway
  149. My Sassy Girl
  150. Nice Guy
  151. Nightmare High
  152. Oh My Ghost
  153. Oh My Venus
  154. One More Happy Ending
  155. One More Time
  156. One Spring Night
  157. Operation Proposal
  158. Orange Marmalade
  159. The Package
  160. Part-Time Idol
  161. Pasta
  162. Persona
  163. Pinocchio
  164. Possessed
  165. President
  166. Pride And Prejudice
  167. Prison Playbook
  168. The Producers
  169. Queen For Seven Days
  170. Radiant Office
  171. Radio Romance
  172. The Rebel
  173. Remember
  174. Reply 1988
  175. Reply 1994
  176. Reply 1997
  177. Reunited Worlds
  178. Romance Is A Bonus Book
  179. Rooftop Prince
  180. Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung
  181. The Royal Gambler
  183. Saimdang, Memoir of Colors
  184. Sassy, Go Go
  185. Save Me
  186. The Scholar Who Walks The Night
  187. School 2017
  188. Search: WWW
  189. Second 20s
  190. Secret
  191. The Secret Life Of My Secretary
  192. Shopaholic Louis
  193. Signal
  194. Six Flying Dragons
  195. SKY Castle
  196. Something In The Rain
  197. The Sound Of Your Heart
  198. The Sound Of Your Heart Reboot
  199. Spark
  200. Still 17 (Thirty But Seventeen)
  201. Stranger (Secret Forest)
  202. Strong Girl Bong-soon (Strong Woman Do Bong-soon)
  203. Strongest Deliveryman
  204. Suits
  205. Suspicious Partner
  206. Tale Of Arang
  207. Temperature Of Love
  208. That Winter, The Wind Blows
  209. The Third Charm
  210. This Is My Love
  211. Tomorrow With You
  212. Tong: Memories
  213. Touch Your Heart
  214. Tree With Deep Roots
  215. Trot Lovers
  216. Tunnel
  217. Two Cops
  218. Uncontrollably Fond
  219. Under The Black Moonlight
  220. Vagabond
  221. W-Two Worlds Apart
  222. Warm And Cozy
  223. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo
  224. Welcome To Waikiki
  225. Welcome To Waikiki 2
  226. What In The World Happened
  227. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim
  228. When The Camellia Blooms
  229. Where Stars Land
  230. While You Were Sleeping
  231. Whisper
  232. White Nights
  233. Who Are You: School 2015
  234. The Wind Blows
  235. Wok Of Love
  236. Yong-pal
  237. You Are Beautiful
  238. You Are My Destiny
  239. You’re All Surrounded

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  • Tunnel was great. Did you know they made a Philippine copy of it? By mistake I watched 2 minutes of it. Such bad acting.
    Sound of your heart is genius but Prison Playbook is the jewel of the 👑.

  • I’m definitely watching some on this list because you chose ‘Because this is my first life’ is on the list, that series is one of my favorite the story is so great and relatable specially for those who are in a relationship

  • Kind of sad that the Philippines has so many more great Kdramas available to them to watch compared to the United States.

  • Prison playbook is a must watch, already binge watched so many times. Live the story and all the actors, everything about it!!!

  • I’m a Kdrama fan that’s the reason I subscribed to Netflix. However,. I’m a bit frustrated since up to now Netflix has not uploaded the Kdrama entitled Moon Lovers, Scarlet Heart Ryeo. It’s available in YouTube but some series are missing. I hope I can watch it soon.

  • I had finished watching “Because This is My First Life” just last year and currently in progress with “Temperature of Love”. I have to check further the other Kdramas written on this list of yours that I haven’t watched yet.

  • I watched most of these Kdramas
    I loved Vagabond, Black, K2 and Chicago typewriter.
    I will continue with the others since I just finished Chicago typewriter 😊

  • Tomorrow With You is very good.I fell for the lead characters.I had no idea why it is not popular.I agree, those dramas you mentioned deserve more attention.

  • My Country A New Age is an amazing drama. Excellent acting by all the cast, great chemistry especially the two lead males, directing, production and writing also excellent. I highly highly recommend it!!!

  • Honestly Chicago Typewriter is hands down the best underrated drama out there. From the acting to plot it’s an absolute masterpiece!
    I assure you that there will be no regret watching this!