6 New Korean Dramas To Watch in April 2019

April is here! And so are 6 new Korean dramas that will motivate us to finish our work early so that we could watch an entire episode nonstop, or maybe the opposite, they will give us a reason for setting our work aside and focusing on a fictional character’s life.

I’m glad to announce that the batch of new shows this month is varied. There’s a comedy about a swindler seeking election to the National Assembly, a melodrama dealing with bullying and school violence, a social satire with a labor inspector taking center stage in the fight against corruption, a rom-com with a heroine who fangirls a lot, a youth-oriented story of romance and friendship, and a historical drama coming from the PD of Tree With Deep Roots. See the posters and read the synopses below, then take your pick!

April 1: My Fellow Citizens (Mondays & Tuesdays on KBS2)

My Fellow Citizens Poster 1

My Fellow Citizens is a comedy with hints of crime, drama, and romance starring Choi Si-won (Revolutionary Love) and Lee Yoo-young (Your Honor) as a con man and a detective, respectively, who fall in love with each other and tie the knot without knowing each other’s real job. Is this a new example of the opposites-attract trope? The couple has a quite complicated relationship that becomes all the more complicated when he is forced to run for a seat in the National Assembly. This show comes from the writer of Bad Guys, Police Unit 38 (this one is badass, I know), and Missing Nine, so if you are a fan of his/her writing style, go ahead and hit the play button.

April 5: Beautiful World (Fridays & Saturdays on JTBC)

Beautiful World Poster 1

Beautiful World centers on a family whose idyllic and normal life is ruined when their son falls victim to school violence. It will tell how their lives will change after the incident and how they will face the challenge of uncovering the truth and getting justice for what happened to their son, played by Nam Da-reum (Where Stars Land). Choo Ja-hyun (A Man Called God) and Park Hee-soon (The Missing) play the victim’s mom and dad, respectively. This show is JTBC’s latest drama (previous one: SKY Castle) that tackles a very serious issue in Korean society. If you find yourself feeling excited about these topics, then you definitely ought to check this one out!

April 8: Special Labor Inspector (Mondays & Tuesdays on MBC)

Special Labor Inspector Poster 1

Special Labor Inspector has Kim Dong-wook (The Guest) playing the titular inspector whose moral compass is so important to him that he cannot ignore corrupt activities and individuals. He’s a former promising judo athlete and gym instructor who has lost his positions after making formal protests against powerful people involved in corruption. When he passes the civil service exam, he tries his best to lead a normal and quiet life without having to worry about being kicked out of his job. But he ends up reactivating his fiery mood at work when he becomes the labor inspector and sees first-hand the prevalent corrupt practices in the workplace.

April 10: Her Private Life (Wednesdays & Thursdays on tvN)

Her Private Life Poster 1

Her Private Life is a romantic comedy headlined by Park Min-young (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim), whose character is living a dual life as a professional art curator by day and a fangirl by night. She has a boring life romance-wise, but things change after she meets the new director of the art gallery where she is working, played by Kim Jae-wook (The Guest). He’s once a popular famous painter with a serious-looking face and aura of perfection, but there’s more to him than meets the eye (is he actually a fanboy?). The credits of this show’s director should be your motivation to watch the drama: Life, The Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World, Live Up To Your Name, and last but not the least, the award-winning Dear My Friends.

April 18: My First First Love (Netflix)

My First First Love Poster 1

My First First Love is a youth romance drama about three college friends played by Kim Ji-soo (Bad Guys: City of Evil), Jung Chae-yeon (Marry Me Now), and Jung Jin-young (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds). The series will focus on their love, friendship, and “everything in between.” This one is special because it’s the only Korean Netflix original series (K-NOS) on this list. As far as release dates are concerned, this is Netflix’s second Korean drama. Chances are your main reason for watching this is the pretty faces of the leads and the fact that it’s proudly Netflix made. Kingdom generally received positive reviews from viewers and critics. Can this show score a similar success?

April 26: Nokdu Flower (Fridays & Saturdays on SBS)

Yoon Shi-yoon in 'Nokdu Flower'

Nokdu Flower is a historical drama that will revolve around the rivalry between two half-brothers played by Yoon Shi-yoon (Your Honor) and Jo Jung-suk (Two Cops). Jo plays the older brother and the illegitimate son of a notorious and wealthy government official while Yoon portrays the rightful son born to the legitimate wife. This show features an uprising in Joseon known as the Donghak Peasant Revolution in 1894 where the leaders of a syncretic religion that opposed Western culture and the peasants of southwestern Korea joined forces together against the government in calling for social reforms. It has the potential to win a Baeksang award in 2020 as the PD attached to it is the man behind critically acclaimed and award-winning sageuks like Tree With Deep Roots and Six Flying Dragons.

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