5 Reasons To Watch ‘A Korean Odyssey’

A Korean Odyssey (also known as Hwayugi) is one of the most heated and controversial dramas of early 2018. A fantasy horror and romance drama based on Chinese novel New Journey to the West, it stars A-list actors Lee Seung-gi, Cha Seung-won, and Oh Yeon-seo.

This drama had been tainted with issues and accident that might have caused a negative impact to television ratings. However, a good story with great casting will always save the masterpiece. Here are the reasons why you should not hesitate watching this drama.

Hwayugi Poster 1

1. Comeback drama of actor Lee Seung-Gi

If you’ve been affected by issues hounding this drama but looking forward to Lee Seung-gi’s comeback then you should not further delay starting this show because his role here is one of the best characters he ever performed. This is his first drama after his discharge from the army which shows that even though he’s on hiatus for two years, the talent is always there—it doesn’t get old and will never stop improving.  See for yourself how he pulled his role by watching this series.

2. Buja, the great zombie

Watch out for the role of Le Se-young as Buja which will remain to your memories even after the drama’s finale. She’s one of the best characters in the series which will make you thumbs up to the acting performance. Her share of the story will give you a roller coaster ride and will give you much impact.

3. Remarkable Lines

[WARNING: SPOlLER] This dramatic line from the main couple—Lee Seung-gi  (LSG) and Oh Yeon-seo (OYS)—will make you cry at the end. Hear more of these remarkable and unforgettable lines by watching A Korean Odyssey.

OYS: “Am I pretty?”

LSG: “Yes. Because I love you.”

4. OST Syndrome

The OSTs of this drama are another masterpiece, especially the song “When I saw You by Bumkey.” Watch out for this song because at the end of the drama you’ll get a syndrome singing this whenever you’ll play or hear the song again.

5. Life Lessons

This drama mirrors the problems in real life. The writer used this series to show the world we live in the cruelty we suffer in an indirect and magical way. Also, the way we can contain and live the happiness and contentment is shown here. You’ll get a lot of things to learn from this drama.

Don’t think that you are too late to watch this drama. Even if it’s been months since it ended in Korea. The hype still continues. A Korean Odyssey is currently airing in the Philippines during weeknights on ABS-CBN. Don’t miss out this extraordinary and cinematographic drama. Happy watching kdramapals! 🙂