5 highest-rated SBS dramas in 2016

KBS may have Descendants of the Sun to boost the combined average nationwide ratings of its 10 dramas, but DOTS is not enough to beat SBS whose 5 out of 10 shows are included in the list of 10 highest-rated dramas in 2016. These five shows make SBS the winner among the three big networks when they are compared based on the ratings of the dramas they produced last year.

That being said, the top 5 dramas of SBS are the same as those you have (probably) seen in our ranking of top dramas in the free-to-air category (see related links below). Thanks to these shows, the combined average ratings of all the dramas from the network is 11.74% (KBS-10.39%, MBC-7.56%).

Medical dramas are on the two highest spots on this list. A noteworthy fact of the rankings also reveals that the highest-rated drama of each network has a doctor as a major character. The three main characters in Romantic Doctor are doctors, and so are Oh Yeon-joo in W-Two Worlds (MBC) and Kang Mo-yeon in Descendants of the Sun (KBS). Ohhhhhh. Does that make 2016 the year of medical dramas and doctors?

5th highest-rated SBS drama: Jealousy Incarnate (10.51 %)

Jealousy Incarnate poster

Romantic comedies are almost always (if not at all times) part of the annual drama lineup of each network. SBS has three certified romcoms in 2016 including Jealousy Incarnate. I’ve watched over 30 kdramas already but this is the only one among them with a wedding in the final episode.

4th highest-rated SBS drama: Remember (15.00 %)

poster of Korean drama Remember

A perfect 15.00%? That makes the average ratings of Remember easy to remember, right? Do you remember this drama? It’s the first Wed-Thu drama of the network in 2016 so I could understand if you don’t. The hero of the story has a hyperthymesia, a condition that allows him to remember almost everything in perfect detail.

3rd highest-rated SBS drama: Legend of the Blue Sea (17.60 %)

Legend of the Blue Sea poster

In general, people would say that Legend of the Blue Sea is OK. They liked and enjoyed it, but they’re not sure if they could remember this drama in, let’s say, one year from now. It’s not bad, but others complain about the slow development of the story and lack of chemistry between the mermaid and the con-artist.

2nd highest-rated SBS drama: Doctors (18.41 %)

Doctors poster

Serious question: why did SBS allow this drama to be simply called Doctors? You might have heard the reason and decide to comment on this post below (so thanks!). Anyway, Doctors was really popular during its run, thanks to Park Shin-hye who accepted the challenge to play the role of a neurosurgeon who literally knows how to operate on people’s brains and fight gangsters.

Highest-rated SBS drama: Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (20.39 %)

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Poster

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim is the highest-rated SBS drama in 2016 (and the second highest overall). The first episode of this drama is fast-paced and wastes no time in making a boring introduction. It won the most number of awards in the annual drama awards ceremony of the network, including the Grand Prize for actor Han Seok-kyu.

To see all the list of rankings in 2016, go to the Korean Drama Rankings 2016.

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(Source of images: SBS)

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