5 highest-rated KBS dramas in 2016

We just completed yesterday the top 10 list of kdramas that dominated 2016 in terms of TV ratings, so now we move on to the top 5 dramas from KBS, MBC, and SBS. We are not including a separate ranking for tvN because the five highest-rated shows are basically the same as the first five dramas on the top 10 list for cable TV.

KBS produced 10 dramas last year, including the biggest hit Descendants of the Sun. Of these 10 shows, only three are on the 10 highest-rated list (which you know already if you have read our previous posts). What about the seven others? How do they compare to the top 3 in terms of ratings? We won’t mention the bottom 5 dramas, but we assure you that the bottom 3 really suck at attracting viewers with a combined average ratings of 4.33%.

5th highest-rated KBS drama: On the Way to the Airport (8.36 %)

On the Way to the Airport poster

A melodrama about two people who meet as strangers and become involved in each other’s lives, On the Way to the Airport deals with the complicated and problematic affair that is to fall in love with someone who is already married. There’s intense kissing scene, uhm.

4th highest-rated KBS drama: Uncontrollably Fond (9.41 %)

Uncontrollably Fond poster

The much-hyped Uncontrollably Fond is probably one of the biggest disappointments in 2016, but that is mainly because the expectation of many viewers was just too high. This melodrama tells the story of two people who were separated during their teenage years but meet again several years later. The guy has a terminal disease though, ouch.

3rd highest-rated KBS drama: Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho (12.88 %)

Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho poster

Neighborhood was such a hit that KBS wanted to extend it by a few more episodes (but didn’t happen due to conflicts with Park Shin-yang’s schedule). The hero lawyer in this drama fights for the people and protect the law. This is a legal drama led by an ahjussi, so don’t expect some hot romance.

2nd highest-rated KBS drama: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (18.29 %)

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds poster

Moonlight made Park Bo-gum a superstar in the Korean entertainment industry. It tells the story of a Joseon crown prince who takes over his father’s role as the king and falls in love with a cross-dressing lady who serves him as a eunuch.

Highest-rated KBS drama: Descendants of the Sun (28.58 %)

Descendants of the Sun poster

What else should be said other than the fact that Descendants of the Sun is the highest-rated drama in 2016? The director and writer of this drama are also the director and writer of Goblin, the highest-rated kdrama in Korean cable television history.

To see all the list of rankings on one page, go the Korean Drama Rankings 2016.

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(Source of images: KBS)

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