4 Reasons to watch ‘The World of the Married’ and 3 Steps on how to watch the drama on Viu using VPN

If you keep track of the latest happenings in Kdramaland, you must be aware of the drama currently blowing everyone’s minds—The World Of The Married. Starring Kim Hee-ae and Park Hae-joon in lead roles, this revenge series about a formerly happy marriage gone sour has just become the third Korean drama to cross the 20% rating mark, behind only SKY Castle and Crash Landing on You. And it has managed to achieve this feat just halfway through its run. If you are still making up your mind, we have compiled a list of reasons to watch The World Of The Married.

Reasons to watch The World of the Married

1. Kim Hee-ae’s Amazing Performance

Kim Hee-ae's Amazing Performance
Kim Hee-ae

Kim Hee-ae is a veteran actress known for her power-packed performances, but her role in The World of the Married might be the best of her entire career. She plays as a successful doctor with the perfect married life, but as she discovers her husband’s infidelity, we see her slip into the role of a ruthless woman obsessed with revenge. She manages to act out all stages of grief—from being heartbroken and desperate to finally becoming angry and vengeful—with an ease that is almost unsettling to watch. As a viewer, you fear both her character’s rage and unpredictability but also can’t help rooting for her. In my opinion, this is a performance capable of sweeping this year’s acting awards. 

2. Rising Actress Han So-hee

Rising Actress Han So-hee
Han So-hee

Another name drawing viewers to this drama is the gorgeous rising actress, Han So-hee. You might remember her from 100 Days My Prince and Abyss. Her role as the rebellious Yeo Da-kyung in The World Of The Married has launched her into national fame, making her the new ‘it girl’ for commercials and other drama roles. A lot of people are crediting her beauty for her new-found success, but having watched the show, I can confirm that she has the acting chops to match her achievement. Her character in the show is not the most likable but you still find yourself drawn to her because she suits the image of an arrogant, rich girl amazingly well. After this drama, I’m hoping to see her take a full-fledged lead role. 

3. Glimpse Into The World Of The Rich

Glimpse Into The World Of The Super Rich

Like tvN with big-budget romance dramas, and OCN with their mind-bending thrillers, it seems that JTBC has found its niche in making dramas set in the world of elite, wealthy people with larger than life problems and dramatic solutions. The network started with SKY Castle, which was an unprecedented success, and now seem to be replicating the formula with The World Of The Married, which is turning out to be an even bigger success. The premise of these dramas focused on the rich is usually far from reality for ordinary people, but that is precisely what makes them so popular—they make for a good escape from real life. While SKY Castle was a slightly parodical take on the ambitions of South Korea’s elite, The World Of The Married delves into the web of secrecy and lies at the heart of marriages among society’s most influential. 

4. Rivalry between Kim Hee-ae and Park Hae-joon

Rivalry between Kim Hee-ae and Park Hae-joon

Before starting this show, I had no idea how thrilling a drama based on extra-marital affairs could be. Usually, these kinds of series tend to be full of cliches and over-the-top acting. The World Of The Married, however, introduces genuine madness and fast-paced plot twists into its story. Both the characters and the plots are incredibly well-written, and the show ceases to be a simple revenge drama. It becomes an unpredictable psychological thriller, wherein a formerly lovey-dovey couple become each other’s sworn enemies, intent on taking each other down. There is no one in the show whose intentions can be trusted, and the anxiety keeps you on the edge. Imagine your closest friend or partner, someone who knows your deepest secrets, suddenly becoming your enemy one day. Scary, right? 

How to watch The World of the Married on Viu using a VPN

When I decided to watch The World Of The Married, I was surprised to know that it was not on Netflix because the streaming giant had announced last year a multi-year deal that allows it to distribute JTBC dramas as Netflix Original Series. My guess is that because The World Of The Married is a remake of the BBC series Doctor Foster and not an original, a different set of distribution rules might apply to it. Fingers crossed that the full series will be available on Netflix for international fans after its run at least, just like SKY Castle

If you are an international fan and wondering how to watch The World Of The Married, do not fret, because we have a few options for you. Currently, global fans can legally watch The World Of The Married on Viu. But here’s a catch—the show is region-locked and might not be available in your country. To access region-locked content on Viu, we suggest you use a Virtual Private Network or VPN.

A VPN basically allows you to access the internet through a private server based in the country of your choice (depending on which VPN provider you use). By changing your IP address to a new location, a VPN allows you to access region-locked content from that particular location. It sounds complicated, but I promise you it’s not.

Below are the steps on how to watch The World Of The Married on Viu using a VPN:

  1. Find and install a VPN service of your choice. We recommend TunnelBear.

    You can try TunnelBear and many other VPN services for free but unfortunately, you need to upgrade to their premium plans if you are going to watch all episodes of The World of the Married. You can use TunnelBear on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or Chrome. In this example, we are using the Chrome extension.How to watch The World of the Married on Viu using a VPN service step 1

  2. Go to www.viu.com and set the location of your VPN connection to a country where The World Of The Married is available on Viu.

    If you are in the US and other countries where Viu is not available, you will see a “No Service” page. Stay on this page, enable the TunnelBear extension, and set your VPN connection to Singapore, Hong Kong, or the Philippines because The World of the Married is available on these countries.How to watch The World of the Married on Viu using a VPN service step 2

  3. Reload the page and search for The World of the Married on the site.

    Register or log in to watch The World of the Married on the site. You can watch its previous episodes for free but you need to become a premium user to be able to get access to the latest episodes as soon as they are released on the service.How to watch The World of the Married on Viu using a VPN service step 3

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