2019 marked by 92 prime-time Korean drama premieres

The year 2019 saw the premiere of 86 prime-time Korean dramas as of November 29. But with the addition of six new series that are confirmed to be broadcast starting in December, the final total stands at 92.

Prime-time Korean dramas are those that are broadcast once or twice a week between 8 pm and 12 midnight Korean Standard Time for at least four weeks (although the most common period is eight weeks). Almost all of these dramas air two (on cable television) or four episodes (on free-to-air TV) every week.

No. of Prime-time Korean Drama Premieres in 2019 by TV Channel & Month

These 92 prime-time series come from the six major broadcasters that have drama programming on a weekly basis—the “big three” public stations KBS2, MBC, and SBS and cable channels JTBC, OCN, and tvN—and the three lesser-known cable networks Channel A, MBN, and TV Chosun.

Among the nine TV channels, tvN boasts the highest number of drama premieres this year with 22 series. It is followed by MBC with 14 and KBS2 and JTBC with 13 each. On the other hand, Channel A had only one series this year, which is the romantic melodrama Love Affairs In The Afternoon starring Park Ha-sun and Lee Sang-yeob.

The month of July had the highest number of premieres with 13 dramas, followed by September. Each month recorded no less than five new series.

Best Chicken poster
Promotional poster for Best Chicken, the first prime-time Korean drama to premiere in 2019. The series aired every Wednesday and Thursday on MBN from January 2 to February 7.

92 is definitely a lot, but there’s more. When we talk about the total number of prime-time Korean dramas that have been broadcast in 2019, the sum becomes 104—which includes the dramas that premiered in 2018 and ended in early 2019, e.g. The Last Empress, Encounter, and Sky Castle.

Here is the complete list of Korean dramas that premiered in 2019 (grouped by TV channel):

2019 Korean dramas of KBS2

  1. My Lawyer, Mr. Joe 2: Crime and Punishment (January—premiere month)
  2. Liver Or Die (January)
  3. Doctor Prisoner (March)
  4. Mother Of Mine (March)
  5. My Fellow Citizens (April)
  6. Angel’s Last Mission: Love (May)
  7. Perfume (June)
  8. Justice (July)
  9. I Wanna Hear Your Song (August)
  10. When The Camellia Blooms (September)
  11. Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life (September)
  12. The Tale Of Nokdu (September)
  13. 9.9 Billion Woman (December)

2019 Korean dramas of MBC

  1. Spring Turns To Spring (January)
  2. Item (February)
  3. Love In Sadness (February)
  4. The Banker (March)
  5. Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo (April)
  6. Different Dreams (May)
  7. One Spring Night (May)
  8. Partners For Justice Season 2 (June)
  9. Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung (July)
  10. Golden Garden (July)
  11. Welcome 2 Life (August)
  12. Extraordinary You (October)
  13. Never Twice (November)
  14. Love With Flaws (November)

2019 Korean dramas of SBS

  1. Haechi (February)
  2. The Fiery Priest (February)
  3. Big Issue (March)
  4. Nokdu Flower (April)
  5. The Secret Life Of My Secretary (May)
  6. My Absolute Boyfriend (May)
  7. Doctor Detective (July)
  8. Doctor John (July)
  9. Secret Boutique (September)
  10. Vagabond (September)
  11. VIP (October)
  12. Stove League (December)

2019 Korean dramas of JTBC

  1. Legal High (February)
  2. The Light In Your Eyes (February)
  3. Welcome To Waikiki 2 (March)
  4. Beautiful World (April)
  5. The Wind Blows (May)
  6. Chief Of Staff (June)
  7. At Eighteen (July)
  8. Be Melodramatic (August)
  9. Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (September)
  10. My Country: The New Age (October)
  11. Chief Of Staff 2 (November)
  12. Chocolate (November)
  13. Diary Of A Prosecutor (December)

2019 Korean dramas of OCN

  1. Trap (February)
  2. Possessed (March)
  3. Kill It (March)
  4. Save Me 2 (May)
  5. Voice 3 (May)
  6. Watcher (July)
  7. Class Of Lies (July)
  8. Strangers From Hell (August)
  9. The Running Mates: Human Rights (September)
  10. The Lies Within (October)

2019 Korean dramas of tvN

  1. The Crowned Clown (January)
  2. Romance Is A Bonus Book (January)
  3. Touch Your Heart (February)
  4. Ugly Miss Young-ae 17 (February)
  5. He Is Psychometric (March)
  6. Confession (March)
  7. Her Private Life (April)
  8. Abyss (May)
  9. Arthdal Chronicles Parts 1 & 2 (June)
  10. Search: WWW (June)
  11. Designated Survivor: 60 Days (July)
  12. Hotel del Luna (July)
  13. When The Devil Calls Your Name (July)
  14. The Great Show (August)
  15. Arthdal Chronicles Part 3 (September)
  16. Pegasus Market (September)
  17. Miss Lee (September)
  18. Melting Me Softly (September)
  19. Catch The Ghost (October)
  20. Psychopath Diary (November)
  21. Crash Landing On You (December)
  22. Black Dog (December)

2019 Korean dramas of Channel A

  1. Love Affairs In The Afternoon (July)

2019 Korean dramas of MBN

  1. Best Chicken (January)
  2. Level Up (July)
  3. Graceful Family (August)

2019 Korean dramas of TV Chosun

  1. Babel (January)
  2. Joseon Survival (June)
  3. Leverage (October)
  4. Selection: The War Between Women (December)

So, how many of these 92 Korean dramas have you finished watching?


Song Joong-ki in a still from the Netflix Korean movie Space Sweepers
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