20 Ultimate Bromance Scenes of Lee Min-ho and Woo Do-hwan in ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’

We have all been enjoying Lee Min-ho and Woo Do-hwan‘s endless schemes and playful banters as Lee Gon and Jo Yeong/Jo Eun-seob from the fantasy romance series The King: Eternal Monarch. Apparently, the only one who can stand up to the King’s childish tricks and sassy remarks is the Unbreakable Sword himself, that is, before he meets his Tae-eul (Kim Go-eun).

From episode 1, the duo has never failed to amuse us with Lee Gon’s snide comments and Jo Yeong’s nonchalant attitude. But double the fun if you add a quirky doppelganger in the mix, with a completely opposite personality from the royal bodyguard, who can keep up with the King’s humor and nonstop bickering.

And because the series is just about to end, we don’t want you to eventually miss your favorite duo from the show. We compiled 20 bromance scenes from The King: Eternal Monarch for you to look back on.

1. The King’s Unbreakable Sword

There’s no greater honor than gaining the King’s trust at an early age, and Jo Yeong gets appointed as the King’s Unbreakable Sword when he was just four years old, and Lee Gon was eight. Many years later, Jo Yeong tells Shin-jae (Kim Kyung-nam) that from the moment he saw Lee Gon weep for his father as his first duty as the new King, he decided he wants to see Lee Gon happy. Talk about the most loyal subject!

The start of a beautiful (and hilarious) friendship

2. When you’re the Unbreakable Sword, you get the privilege to touch the King.

This is Lee Min-ho and Woo Do-hwan’s very first appearance as the adult Lee Gon and Jo Yeong. A new palace employee attempts to button up Lee Gon’s suit near his scar, and Jo Yeong instinctively stops his hand right away. Jo Yeong is as protective as ever.


Also Jo Yeong:

Move over Kevin Costner, there’s a new bodyguard in town.
Where can we sign up for a hair-tie mark check?

3. Apparently, it’s treason to catch the King off guard.

Jo Yeong is the only one who can creep up to the King after his bath to remind him not to be late on his event and talk back to him.

Should we make a list of what qualifies as “treason”?

4. Gotta have a bodyguard who gets lectured by his sense of duty

Jo Yeong wants Lee Gon to wear a bulletproof vest, and Lee Gon, being the bully that he is to Jo Yeong, refuses.

His sense of duty must be really scary.

5. “Are you having fun, Captain Jo?”

Lee Gon really likes to mess with Captain Jo Yeong, and Jo Yeong stands up to him as well.

Us: YES!

6. It doesn’t matter if you’re the King or the Unbreakable Sword, no one is scarier than Head Court Lady Noh Ok-nam.

When you’re the King but you’re scared of Head Court Lady Noh Ok-nam. Jo Yeong definitely gets his payback through Lady Noh.

The woman who holds great power⁠—she’s the real Eternal Monarch, isn’t she?
When the Head Court Lady scares you more than your evil uncle
This Yeong side-eye is EVERYTHING.

Also, when Lee Gon confided in Jo Yeong about his adventure to the other world, Jo Yeong thought Lee Gon is messing with him, so he threatened to call Lady Noh. Being the King that he is, Lee Gon panicked. (Lol)

He just looks absolutely terrified, doesn’t he?

7. If you’re The Unbreakable Sword, you get a free pass for glaring at the King…

Apparently, bearing the title comes with many perks, including openly glaring at His Majesty and getting away with it.

TKEM-Lee-Gon-Lady Noh
Yeong must feel very secured in his job. Very secured.

8. …and getting mad at him.

Nobody can ignore the King’s words! Except when, you know, you’re the Unbreakable Sword.

(Who else tried to reach into the screen during this scene?)

9. I know the King likes you, but I’m his Unbreakable Sword.

When Tae-eul first arrived at the Kingdom of Corea, she pointed a gun at Lee Gon, and Jo Yeong immediately rushed in front of the gun. Never mind that you’re the goblin’s bride in your past life or the future Queen of Corea, I’m the King’s Unbreakable Sword.

The future Queen of Corea vs the Unbreakable Sword: who will win?

10. When the King has been acting like a lovesick puppy, and you can’t believe it’s happening in front of you.

Apparently, you can get a double headache when the King isn’t just being childish, he’s also trying to show off to a girl he likes. We feel you, too, Jo Yeong!

Jo Yeong is obviously saying “Who are you?”
“Who are you, and what have you done to my King?” (not an actual translation)

11. A Power Duo

Get yourself a King who stands in front of his army in the battlefield, not behind them. And when you’re his Unbreakable Sword, you get to stand behind him. Such a powerful scene! Brought to you by the majestic visuals of Lee Min-ho and Woo Do-hwan.

(Yes, you may use this as your wallpaper.)

12. If you can’t stop him, join him.

Apparently, it’s hard to babysit a King who likes to run away. Sorry, Lee Gon. Captain Jo Yeong is determined to keep you from leaving. And if he can’t stop you, he’ll join you.

The Unbreakable Sword who knows his limits

13. The Other Unbreakable Sword

Lee Gon eventually meets Eun-seob in the other world and soon appoints him as his other Unbreakable Sword. Just wait until the original Unbreakable Sword gets wind of this. I can hear jealousy all the way from here.


Apparently, it’s a position you can’t refuse, and if you do…

Apparently, threatening to behead everyone always works in the King’s favor.

14. When you discover you’re not the only Unbreakable Sword anymore

When you’ve been the Unbreakable Sword all your life and then suddenly, you hear there’s another one bearing that title aside from you, it stings. The look of betrayal on Jo Yeong’s face upon knowing Lee Gon appointed Jo Eun-seob as his Unbreakable Sword in the Republic of Korea is beyond memorable. Jo Yeong may have been screaming “traitor” in his mind while looking at Lee Gon. (Lol)

The look that says it all, “You traitor.”

15. Jo Yeong’s Wallpaper

Lee Gon is not just Jo Yeong’s King, he’s also a best friend, having to grow up and enter the military with him. He even has their picture as his phone’s wallpaper. Aww, we would like one order of Jo Yeong, too, please!

(Where can we get a high-quality version of this? We want to change wallpapers, too!)

16. Improvise Now, Get Beheaded Later

Of course, when you get stuck in a tight spot, you have no choice but to improvise. When Jo Yeong rushes to protect Lee Gon and pretends to be Jo Eun-seob, he involuntarily calls the King a fool. Just…prepare for the childish King’s wrath later.

Strike one…
Strike two…
Strike three…
Strike four!
Are we the only ones terrified for Jo Yeong after this hilarious scene?

17. For someone who runs an entire kingdom, Lee Gon gets immaturely sneaky with Jo Yeong.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the Unbreakable Sword, a king’s punishment is a just punishment. If you refuse this mole, you’ll be beheaded.

Who was the King’s inspiration for this look exactly?
Breathe in, breathe out, Jo Yeong.

18. How Well Do You Know Me: Lee Gon Edition

For friends who grew up together for more than two decades, Lee Gon can’t seem to figure out Jo Yeong’s laptop password. Meanwhile, the doppelganger who met him barely a week ago guesses his password right in under five seconds. The greatest test of friendship: passwords!

Be ready for another beheading threat, Eun-seob.

19. I’m not Bruno Mars, but I’d catch a grenade—err, a bullet for you.

Just as Jo Yeong promised Jo Eun-seob that he would protect Eun-seob’s dongsaengs (younger siblings) while he’s gone, Eun-seob promised to protect Lee Gon, too. And when tension arises, Eun-seob actually gets to carry out that promise. Get you someone who would jump in front of the bullet for you!

We’re not crying, you are.

20. I Shall Follow You Until The End

Grab your tissues for this one, and we’ll wait right here. *insert crying emoji here*


Bonus: Woo Do-hwan and Lee Min-ho’s Chemistry in a Press Conference

Lee Min-ho and Woo Do-hwan teased everyone in an event as they posed, in a true couple-style, in front of the camera. Woo Do-hwan can be seen clinging on to Lee Min-ho, acting as his leading lady. We love a bromance on screen and off screen!


Which one of the scenes did you laugh at the most? Tell us in the comments below!


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