2 main posters released for ‘The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, tvN’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama, has released two main posters featuring its lead characters. The first poster below shows Seo In-guk (Shopping King Louis) and Jung So-min (Because This Is My First Life) hugging each other while Seo In-guk stares out at Park Sung-woong (Life on Mars), who is holding a gun on his left hand.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is based on a popular 2002 Japanese drama of the same name (also known as One Million Stars Falling from the Sky) and tells the story of a dangerous murder suspect named Kim Moo-young, played by Seo In-guk, and a warm-hearted woman named Yoo Jin-gang, played by Jung So-min, who are sharing similar emotional scars. It will premiere on October 3, 2018, replacing Familiar Wife on the said prime time slot.

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