1,000 viewers to attend live screening of “Man to Man” finale

JTBC’s Man to Man will allow some lucky viewers to watch its final episode in a special live screening event with the cast and crew of the drama, including its leading actors Park Hae-jin, Park Sung-woong and Kim Min-jung.

As Man to Man nears its finale on June 10, the staff of the drama announced on May 20 that 1,000 lucky viewers will get the chance to watch the last episode of Man to Man with Park Hae-jin himself along with other cast members and crew. “We will be holding a special event during the ‘Man to Man Investigation Squad’ segment that will air live after tonight’s episode. Viewers will have the opportunity to win special tickets for a live viewing event,” the staff revealed.

Park Hae-jin in Man to Man
Photo Credit: JTBC

The selection process already happened last night during the commentary show “Man to Man Investigation Squad” which simulcasts on Naver V-App’s V DRAMA channel and Park Hae Jin’s V-App channel after every episode of the drama. Viewers participated in the selection process by answering a quiz and got a chance to win a ticket when they answered the questions correctly. 

The lucky winners will be able to interact with the people behind Man to Man in a special farewell event set for the action-thriller drama on June 10. Aside from watching the drama’s last episode on a big screen, the winners will get to witness the cast and crew who will be sharing behind-the-scene stories and expressing their gratitude to the fans who supported them all the way.

The drama airs every Fridays and Saturdays at 11 pm Korean Standard Time and has six episodes left for broadcasting. Its two recent episodes featured actors Song Joong-ki (Descendants of the Sun) and Namgoong Min (Chief Kim) as a bank employee and a top star, respectively.

Man to Man tells the story of a longtime top Hallyu actor, played by Park Sung-woong, who hires a mysterious black ops agent (Park Hae-jin) to be his bodyguard. Together, they encounter twisty, inevitable circumstances that involve the actor’s fan club president-turned-manager portrayed by Kim Min-jung. 

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