‘100 Days My Prince’ surpasses 9 percent in TV ratings

tvN’s historical romantic comedy 100 Days My Prince has achieved a nationwide and Seoul audience share of 9.223 percent and 9.995 percent for its 8th episode that was broadcast Tuesday night, setting a new personal best record that now ranks 11th on the list of highest-rated Korean dramas on cable television in terms of peak rating.

The series premiered with a nationwide rating of 5.026 percent, a figure that has continued to increase during every new episode since then—except for the 5th episode which was aired during the Chuseok holiday. The average rating of the series now stands at 6.625 percent, making the series already one of the top-rated cable dramas in 2018.

100 Days My Prince Ratings Episode 1-8

100 Days My Prince tells the story of a fictional Joseon crown prince Lee Yool, played by EXO’s D.O. (It’s Okay, That’s Love), who suffers from temporary amnesia after an accident. After losing his memory, Lee Yool ends up living as a commoner and is forced to marry the oldest unmarried woman in the Joseon Kingdom named Hong Shim, played by Nam Ji-hyun (Suspicious Partner). 


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