10 Scariest Scenes from Korean Netflix Original Series ‘Kingdom’ (Part 2)

For Part I, I looked at the first three episodes of the 6-part season 1 one of Netflix’s Kingdom and listed five scenes that are so scary and disturbing. The show switches between depicting the hunger for flesh vs. the hunger for power, and in the end, I couldn’t decide which between these two is scarier: the zombies or the Prime Minister and his allies. Here are five more frightening scenes that have made me as wary of humans as of zombies.

6. Escape To Jiyulheon

Those left stranded in Dongnae decide to take refuge in Jiyulheon, the only place that can keep the zombies out. Before the group can get there, however, the sun sets, awakening the zombies. What comes next is a chase so thrilling and riveting that it could rival any recent action movie.

7. Bloodthirsty Royal Soldiers

The royal soldiers locate Prince Yi Chang (Ju Ji-hoon), who is accused of treason and in a bid to teach him a lesson, indiscriminately shoot arrows inside Jiyulheon, killing men, women, and children. Once again the show compares the bloodlust of humans to zombies because the people who die at the hands of these soldiers are the same ones who had managed to survive the outbreak so far.

8. Prime Minister Cho’s Zombie Factory

With the King, we’ve already seen how far Prime Minister Cho (Ryu Seung-ryong) can go to retain his power, but this time he kicks it a notch higher by carrying out a dangerous experiment in the royal prisons. He feeds an infected corpse to one of the prisoners, to see how the zombie infection spreads, and then watches as the newly-turned zombie devours his cellmate. His words are, “This infection must be contained before it spreads,” but his actions tell us he’s about to do the exact opposite. The prospect of it is terrifying.

9. Pregnant Widows’ Home And The Queen’s Secret

The queen personally runs a shelter home for pregnant widows of soldiers. When one of the women gives birth and the newborn’s cries suddenly stop, the other women become concerned about the baby’s well being. The head midwife assures them of the mother and baby’s health, but later, a servant is wiping some blood off the floor—blood that is A LOT MORE than what ordinarily accompanies a normal delivery. This, coupled with the queen’s secret that is revealed later, makes for a sinister reveal that had me audibly gasping. She’s faking her pregnancy!

10. “It was not the sun.”

Seo-bi (Bae Doo-na) finally discovers the resurrection plant in a valley in Sangju, but along comes a heart-stopping realization. On the borders of Sangju, Prince Chang stands with his entourage, who are about to celebrate a zombie-free day. Just then, the ground shakes with the force of a thousand footsteps. Meanwhile, Seo-bi says, “It was not the sun making them hide, it was the temperature.” And the scene cuts to a crowd of zombies emerging from the shadows.

This show left me scared but satisfied, so I cannot wait for Season 2 next year. Till then, let me know your thoughts and theories about the show in the comments. And if you still haven’t watched it, get on it quick!

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