10 Most-Read Posts in 2017

This listicle is way behind its schedule; but better late than never, right? KDP’s existence has already surpassed one year, a time period that saw the publication of over 370 news, feature, and post series articles. The following are the 10 articles that received the most views last year from our beloved readers.

10. Top Korean dramas in the second half of 2017 (Feature)

Our ranking of shows for the second half of 2017 managed to get the 10th place, although this posts really ranks 2nd if data from the first two months of the new year will be included. The article named Falsify and Prison Playbook as the highest-rated shows among free-to-air and cable dramas, respectively. Read the full article here.

9. Kdramas Treat Me Better Than My Psychologist Does (Feature)

Kdramas Treat Me Better Than My Psychologist Does

A fan shares how Kdramas helped her conquer her problem better than her psychologist did. It is so good to hear that someone could learn to navigate real life by immersing herself in the fictional word of Kdramaland. This feature is a winning entry to our first initiative. Read the full article here.

8. Korean Drama Rating from October 2 to 8, 2017 (Feature)

Korean Drama Rating

Dramas suffered from a significant drop in ratings due to the 3-day Chuseok holiday (one of the biggest and most important holidays in Korea). While You Were Sleeping and Hospital Ship battled it out this week, while Age of Youth 2 and Lingerie Girls Generation aired their finale. Read the full article here.

7.  Korean Drama Rating from September 25 to October 1, 2017 (Feature)

Korean Drama Rating

Live Up To Your Name finally surpassed the record of its predecessor, Secret Forestwhile Manhole: Feel So Good set the record of having the lowest-rated episode ever for any free-to-air drama since 2016. Meanwhile, Age of Youth 2 pulled in over 4 % in ratings. Read the full article here.

6. tvN’s “Criminal Minds” premieres with record-breaking ratings (News)

Criminal Minds premieres with record-breaking ratings

The much-awaited remake of the US TV series of the same name (Criminal Minds) hit the headlines when it held the record of having premiered with the highest viewership rating (based on data from Nielsen Korea) among eight tvN dramas that had been broadcast to date (July 27, 2017) by the cable network last year. Read the full article here.

5. Korean Drama Rating from November 6 to12, 2017 (Feature)

Korean Drama Rating

Avengers Social Club, a Wed-Thu drama from tvN, renewed its highest rating, and so did Because This Is My First Life, its Mon-Tue counterpart that was praised so much by the international audience for its realistic view on dating and marriage. Read the full article here.

4. 5 highest-rated KBS dramas in 2016 (part of a Post Series)

highest-rated KBS dramas

Of course, Descendants of the Sun is on top of the list, with a sageuk and a legal drama following behind. The much-hyped Uncontrollably Fond also made it to the ranking. Read the full article here.

3. Complete ranking of Korean dramas in 2016 based on viewer ratings  

(part of a Post Series)

complete ranking of Korean dramas in 2016

Curious which 2016 dramas rule the competition as far as TV ratings go? You will be happy seeing your favorites on top of the ranking or feel bad knowing that they are among the lowest-rated ones. The highest-rated free-to-air and cable dramas were written and directed by the same writer-PD pair. Isn’t that amazing? Read the full article here.

2. ‘Manhole: Feel So Good’ records lowest drama rating in 2017 (News)

Manhole Feel So Good records lowest drama rating in 2017

Occupying the second spot is a bad news, one where a time-slip romantic comedy from KBS recorded the lowest drama episode rating from January until August last year. Manhole‘s performance further dropped to less than 2 % the following weeks. Read the full article here.

1. Top Korean dramas in the first half of 2017 (Feature)

Top Korean Dramas in the First Half of 2017

Kdramapal’s most read article last year is a feature that ranks the dramas based on their TV ratings. It seems like everyone loves such a list that reveals which shows receive a lot of love from the local audience. A legal thriller and a comedy dominated the rankings. Read the full article here.


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