Kdrama Writing Contest June 2017

The Kdrama Writing Contest (KWC) is a competition organized by Kdramapal from June to October 2017 to promote Korean dramas through creative creating. It encourages individuals who are passionate about Korean dramas to unleash their creativity and use it in writing a piece centered on various topics related to Kdramas. It was planned as a monthly tilt, but due to lack of entries it was terminated and no final winners were selected. Nonetheless, we thanked those who participated and wrote their essays.


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JULY. We are pleased to announce the bonus monthly winner for the month of July! Congratulations to Mary Ann Rebultan (Philippines) for being the first monthly winner! She received $25 for her essay entitled The Art of Character Making. We are so thankful to everyone who sent their entries from May 15 to July 31, 2017. The participants’ locations include the Philippines, United States of America, and India.

We encourage everyone to submit their entries this August. The monthly winner this month will be announced on September 2 and all entries from August 1 to 31 will be considered for the winner selection.

AUGUST. Congratulations to Sally Lee (United States) for being the monthly winner for the month of August. She received $25 for her winning essay titled My True Love For Kdramas. Thank you to all the participants (from the USA and Australia) this month. Some of you may not have won the monthly bonus prize but we have some surprises for every participant this coming November. 

We encourage everyone to submit their entries this September. The monthly winner for this month will be announced on October 2 and all entries from September 1 to 30 will be considered for the winner selection.

SEPTEMBER. The monthly prize of $25 was given to Dar E.O. (United States) for his/her wonderful essay entitled The Humanity of K-Dramas. We are so thankful to all those (from the USA and Indonesia) who submitted their entries this month.

Note: The first month (June) of this initiative has been extended until October 2017 due to lack of entries. The highest prize is now worth $500.

Writing Prompt

What made you love watching Korean dramas? We all have stories to tell about how exactly we became or developed into avid viewers of Korean dramas. The Founder of Kdramapal, for instance, started watching these TV shows because of City Hunter whose badass writing and gripping scenes caught his interest. As he continues watching more dramas, however, he realized that what really made him a Kdrama fanboy is not the mere excitement that stems from watching each episode of a particular series. He reveals in his feature that he loves watching Korean dramas because they help him become a better person, saying, “Nevertheless, watching Kdramas is not just a form of entertainment for me. Such an activity has become an avenue for me to learn something new, get to know individuals whom I would have never met in real life, and understand more how this complicated world called the earth works.”

What about your story? What is it in Korean dramas that have made you love watching them? Write an essay about that and share it with us.


  1. Essays must be written in English and contain no less than 500 but no more than 2000 words.
  2. Essays may be submitted by anyone regardless of nationality, age, and gender.
  3. Essays must be original and unpublished. Plagiarized entries will be disqualified.
  4. Essays must be written by one person only. Co-authored essays will be rejected.
  5. Essays will be judged according to the following criteria.
    • Content (45 points). Essays will be evaluated according to their adherence to the topic and the content itself.
    • Style (35 points). The grammar, the way the ideas are organized, and the overall writing style are included in this aspect.
    • “Wow” factor (10 points). This will be assessed based on the ability of the essay to make an extraordinary impression on the judges.
    • Excerpt (10 points). Essays will be given up to 10 points if the participants will post in the Kdramapal Forums an excerpt they consider as the best part of their essays. Excerpts can be as short as one sentence or as long as one paragraph. Participants who do not post excerpts from their essays in the Forums will not get any point.
  6. Essays can only be submitted online. One can submit his/her entry by filling up the form below. To post an excerpt, you have to be a registered member in Kdramapal Forums.
  7. By submitting an entry, you agree that
    • you allow Kdramapal to publish your essays on its website. All the top 10 winning essays will be published on the website in July 2017 November 2017. The authors of these winning essays have the option to display their real name or pseudonym.
    • if you win, you will write at least 1 paragraph about your reaction to winning 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize. This reaction will be published on the website together with your winning essay.


All essays must be received from May 15 to June 30, 2017 October 31, 2017, at 23:59 Korean Standard Time (time converter). The winners will be announced on our website on July 14, 2017 November 10, 2017.


  1. The three best essays will receive the following prizes. The cash prizes may increase without prior notice.
    • 1st Prize — $100 $500 + invitation to become a writer at Kdramapal
    • 2nd Prize — $50 $250 + invitation to become a writer at Kdramapal
    • 3rd Prize — $25 $125 + invitation to become a writer at Kdramapal
  2. All cash prizes will be sent to the winners via Paypal only. While anyone can participate in the competition whether or not he/she has an existing Paypal account, we will award the cash prizes only to winners with Paypal accounts. Winners living in the Philippines, however, can receive their prizes via local remittance service(s) if they have no Paypal accounts.
  3. For security purposes, we will only require the participants to provide their Paypal account information when they win one of the top 3 prizes.
  4. *BONUS: We will select one monthly winner from July to October! The winner for the month of July, August, September, and October who will receive a $25 cash prize will be announced on August 2, September 2, October 2, and November 2, respectively.

Message from the Founder

Hi there! Thank you so much for your interest in our very first initiative here at Kdramapal. Since we are not giving away tens of thousands of dollars in this competition, I highly encourage you to write for the sake of your passion for Korean dramas, not for the cash prizes. Have fun while writing!