Choi Song-hyun joins cast of paparazzi-themed SBS drama ‘Big Issue’

Actress Choi Song-hyun will be appearing in SBS’s new drama Big Issue, her agency DAY Entertainment confirmed on February 11.

Big Issue is a drama about a notorious chief editor, played by Han Ye-seul (20th Century Boy and Girl), of a paparazzi group and a celebrity photographer portrayed by Joo Jin-mo (Bad Guys: City of Evil) who has lost his wife and job due to a “single photograph.” Choi Song-hyun will play his wife named Bae Min-jung. Because of her husband’s field of work, she thinks their whole family has sacrificed their lives for his reputation. Their marriage has gone south because of a single picture, which has forced him to compromise his entire family’s well-being.

Choi was previously seen in dramas such as On The Way To The Airport, Vampire Detective, and In Need of Romance. She started her television career as a KBS announcer in 2006, but she resigned from the network in 2008 to focus on acting.

“We are honored to be working with this project,” Choi Song-hyun said, through a representative from her agency. “I will work hard to show you [viewers] a different look.”

Scheduled for broadcast beginning March 2019 as a replacement for The Last Empress in the Wednesday-Thursday time slot on SBS, Big Issue is helmed by PD Lee Dong-hoon who directed God’s Gift: 14 Days and co-directed Lovers in Paris. Its screenplay is penned by Jang Hyeok-rin whose previous works include The K2 and Yong-pal.

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